How to Kill Fire Ants without Harsh Chemicals

Living in Texas, we are constantly on the lookout for fire ants. Their bite is vicious and the wound can last weeks without proper treatment. Every time I see a fire ant mound starting to form in our yard or public parts of our neighborhood, I treat it. Through research and trial and error I’ve learned how to kill fire ants without harsh chemicals. That way I can go to battle and win against the little tyrants without damaging the environment or putting my kids at risk.

Why do I hate them so much? Last year our daughter wandered in to a pile of fire ants and was stung over 30 times in a matter of seconds. It was horrible, and had we not gotten them off of her in time she could have died. One wrong step led to days of misery for my sweet girl, and a very traumatic time for her mama. Read on to find out how we annihilate fire ants in our area and keep them away.

Killing Fire Ants without Harsh Chemicals

Here’s what you need:

  • Baking Soda – enough to cover the mound
  • Vinegar – one cup for every 6-8 inches of mound size
  • orange essential oil – 20 drops for every cup of vinegar
  • one tablespoon of Dawn dish soap per cup of vinegar


  • Once you’ve spotted a mound of fire ants, mark off the spot and keep the kids away. I found this little mound starting to build in our yard and took quick action.
  • Take a long stick and poke holes as deep as you can in the mound. The ants will start to swarm, so keep your hands and feet clear.
  • Pour you baking soda all over the mound, covering it completely and making sure it gets down in the holes.
  • Pour the orange essential oil and dish soap in to the vinegar, and mix well.
  • Pour the mixture over the mound. It will create an ant volcano that is pretty fun to watch as you get your revenge.

How It Works: The combination will disrupt their activity, cause them to swarm, and then the d-limonene compound in the orange essential oil will destroy their exoskeletons. Researches from Texas A&M have found that the dish soap and orange essential oil are the most effective way to kill fire ants and keep them away. Victory!

How to Kill Fire Ants without Harsh Chemicals - Natural Solutions


How do you fight fire ants?

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12 Comments on How to Kill Fire Ants without Harsh Chemicals

  1. We got rid of thatching ants (similar to fire ants) by digging down into the nest a foot or so with shovel then torching their nest with propane torch. After trying soda, vinegar and all kinds of other materials, torch was the only success we ever had.

  2. This works in my yard. I have small dogs and grandchildren I didn’t want around poisons. This worked beautifully.

  3. I have found that when I am stung and bit by fire ants that if I soak a cotton ball with vinegar and place it over the sting for about a minute that it will neutralize the itching and prevent the pustules from forming. So far it has worked many times for me and neighbors.

  4. Cornmeal works too. They can’t digest it. Within a few days the ants have disappeared and the hill looks like plain dirt.

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