Building Anything You Can Imagine with Bunchems

Encouraging creative play can help your kids to learn and grow as they expand their imaginations and their skills. My little Bear is a builder at heart, and we are always looking for new ways to challenge him. When I received a set of Bunchems to try with the kids, I simply opened the box, set up a baking sheet to build on, and let them go for it. The potential for building with Bunchems is limited only by the imagination of the builder. Read on to find out more about these colorful little balls that will change the way your kids play.

Using Bunchems to build creatively

After letting the kids build on their own for a bit, I offered a few challenges. The first was to make a pattern with Bunchems. The balls just stick together as you connect, twist, or mold them. The Bear created this patterned snake below, which gave him great fine motor skill practice and pattern recognition practice.

making patterns with Bunchems


Sculpt any shape with Bunchems

The next challenge I issued was to build something for fall. Both kids are totally pumpkin obsessed, so it was no surprise when this little gourd showed up. The balls mold together almost like a dough for easy shaping. The way they stick together also makes clean up super easy and fast. The texture gives kids a sensory experience without a mess.

Building a pumpkin with Bunchems

The mega pack came with fun accessories to help bring creations to life: eyes, hats, wings, legs, and so much more. I challenged the Bear to create a monster, and he worked hard it but didn’t want it’s photo taken. I have to respect the architect’s wishes.

building a Christmas tree with Bunchems

The final challenge I gave him this time was to build something for Christmas. He made this sweet little tree and decorated it with different colored balls. I think it is so cool that kids’ creations can come to life in 3-D with sculptures that are so easy to create. No explanations or set up were necessary with either kid, they both just went for it. After they finished one design, they simply pulled it apart and started a new one. I know we will get many hours of creative play out of our Bunchems. You can see more of Bunchems in action here.

building with bunchems


Bunchems make a great gift for kids ages four and up, though my two year old was able to play with them with supervision. You can find them in the toy section at your favorite store or online.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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