A quote hangs on the wall in my friend Betsy’s kitchen that inspires me and challenges me in this role of mother. I wasn’t able to find a source, but I love it so much a created a little free printable for you below. The statement, “Children have only one childhood” is such a great reminder that they are only little once, and then the magic is gone. I want to enjoy it, soak it up, let them be little and revel in their littleness. I want them to be free and to explore and to get messy and to be wild. I want them to run barefoot and climb and jump and discover. If there is a child in your life to love, you hold a responsibility to their childhood to let them experience. You don’t have to force it to be magical. Childhood is magical on its own. Don’t rush them, don’t overschedule, don’t make them grow up too fast. Protect them from harm, but give them freedom. Let them be little, they only get to do it once.



Click here to download the pdf to print for personal use only.

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