Summer is here and we are ready to play. We were recently send a set of the new RoseArt Washable Sidewalk Chalk Paint
to try. We had a blast with it, and were able to use it for quite a few different activities. I love that you can mix up only as much paint as you want your child to use each time, and save the rest indefinitely. The paint washes off so easily and gives you a clean slate each time.  I thought I’d share five fun uses for sidewalk chalk paint to help get your kids playing outside and learning this summer.



Five Fun Uses for Sidewalk Chalk Paint

1) Color Mixing and Artistic Expression

Let your child experiment with mixing colors. Combining the primary colors themselves can give them the real experience of making purple from red and blue, green from blue and yellow, and brown from mixing everything together. Learning by doing will help them really get it. Then give them the freedom to paint whatever and wherever they choose. The beauty of sidewalk chalk paint is that it washes away easily with water.


2) Letter Recognition & Name Practice

Paint the letters of the alphabet out on your sidewalk, or the letters of their name. Let them practice saying them and hopping from one to another. Let your child decorate them, paint them, and trace them. Learning while playing is a beautiful thing.

3) Bean Bag Toss Games

Here are some fun ideas for creating bean bag toss games from Nurture Store blog and Learn Play Imagine. Combining an art activity with gross motor skills is the perfect way to burn energy while learning.

4) Paint a Mural

Sidewalk chalk murals are great for taking pictures with your kids, helping get them excited about art, or decorating for a birthday party. Draw the outlines of clouds or the sun and have your child fill them in, working together to create something beautiful (or at least fun).


5) Number Recognition and Math Skills

Take your math practice outside. Paint numbers on your sidewalk or driveway and hop from one to another counting and naming them. Create a traditional hopscotch board to practice math skills while getting exercise. Here is a fun gross motor addition game to try.

We love sharing ideas for outdoor play. Read about our favorite kiddie pool games here, and favorite outdoor activities with babies here.

What is your favorite outdoor family activity?

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