easy diy football themed family halloween costumes

Last year was our first Halloween as a family of four, and I was so excited to dress our crew up in family Halloween costumes for the holiday. We go to a neighborhood Halloween parade in a friend’s neighborhood, and trick or treat in our own (mostly to meet and greet neighbors). I wanted our costumes to be simple and frugal, but still cute and made to fit a family theme. You can read about the Bear’s first Halloween costume here. When the Bear got a hand me down football jersey from his big cousins I knew I’d found it. Read on to find out how I pieced our costumes together quickly and easily.

easy football themed family halloween costume

Perfect family photos with babies and toddlers are pretty much impossible, right? Here we are in our football themed glory. I’m the referee, Jed is the coach, the Bear is a football player, and the Pearl Girl is a football.

Referee: I actually borrowed a real referee jersey from the Young Life skit closet in our area, but it was WAY to hot to wear long sleeved polyester. Instead I substituted a black and white striped t-shirt, tucked a piece of yellow felt in my pocket as a penalty flag, and wore a black skirt and whistle to complete the look.

Coach: Jed was the coach and though we debated some tight coaches shorts, we decided to go with khaki pants and a team polo shirt. He also carried around a clipboard with plays on it (when not carrying a toddler.

halloween pinata hitting football player

Football Player: We had the jersey already, as well as hand me down cleats that were way too big. He loved them. I ran to our neighborhood thrift store and found a pair of football pants for $.99.  I used washable marker to make eye black, and created pads using foam leftover from our dining room chair makeover. You can find a similar diy football pad tutorial here. I couldn’t find a cheap helmet, but that would make a great addition. If you can’t find a piece of the costume, try looking for all things football on Amazon here.

Football: I had football baby leggings already, as well as a hand me down brown onesie. I hand stitched white felt strips on to the onesie with brown embroidery floss. It is crazy crooked, but no one noticed and I got compliments on it every time she wore it. That’s the beauty of Halloween, no one cares about the details. If you aren’t in to sewing, grab a football onesie on Amazon. I stuck a brown bow on her head to make sure everyone knew she was a girl.

Additions: If you have more family members you could always add in cheerleaders, fans, additional players, and announcers to fit the theme.

football halloween costume

We had a blast with our DIY family Halloween costumes, and spent less than $10 total. I call that a win!

family football halloween costume

What will your family wear for Halloween this year?

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  1. Yeah! Go Red Raiders! I have TONS of Texas Tech shirts and jerseys since I went to college there and my sister borrowed a bunch of it one year and was a “sports fanatic” she even painted tattoos and paint on her face. We live in Florida now and a bunch of her kids told her that was a fake team since they’d never heard of it LOL

    • Wreck ’em! My husband went there and is a HUGE fan. That’s hilarious that they thought it was a fake team. TT can’t get any love.

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