medieval themed family halloween costumes

Never take family photos when your 3 year old has a pumpkin bucket full of candy. It won’t go well for you, amigo. As I’ve shared before, we love dressing up in family Halloween costumes. Well, the kids and I love it. Jed tolerates it with style. This year we went medieval with DIY knight and princess costumes.

fisher the knight

The Bear wore his football pants from his football player costume from last year with his t-shirt from his Jake and the Neverland Pirates costume, boots, and carried a sword from a friend’s birthday party. I made a shield out of cardboard and duct tape. For both knight costumes I took big pieces of felt and measure the boys across their shoulders and down to their hineys for tunic length. I cut them out and then cut out crosses out of yellow felt. I glued the crosses to the front of them with fabric glue. Throw a belt on top and tuck the sword in and call it a day.

princess eleanor with her daddy

I wore a maxi dress from Kiki La Rue with a flower crown I made to match the Pearl Girl’s. I used this tutorial to create the flower crowns. Then I used this tutorial to make a princess dress for the Pearl Girl. Basically I planned the entire outfit around her new gold Freshly Picked moccs.

kids in Halloween costumes

Group photos of small children are an exercise in futility. This is the best one. Out of 50. They are still so cute. This was taken after our favorite Halloween tradition, the Snow White Drive Halloween Parade. You can read about other fun family friendly Halloween ideas here. Does your family dress up together for Halloween? What is your all time favorite Halloween costume?

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