Make a Heart Garland with your Child to Practice Patterns and Stringing for home preschoolWe’re practicing patterns right now in our home preschool, so I thought it would be fun to bring that practice in to practical use making a Valentine’s Day heart garland with the Bear. I found these felt hearts a few years ago on sale at Target, but your could easily make your own or grab felt hearts off Amazon and punch holes in them. We used red baker’s twine to string our garland, and the Bear also got great fine motor skill practice stringing and arranging his hearts.

Pattern practice with a Valentine heart garlandTo practice the pattern, we laid out the hearts together, white, blue, white blue. I gave him the twine and asked him to make the garland and keep the pattern going. He got really excited about it each time he successfully added a heart and let it slide all the way down the twine.

fine motor practice creating a heart garland for valentine's dayAs we went along, we talked about the pattern and what would come next. He mastered it quickly and was so proud of his finished creation. This activity could easily be made more advanced with a more difficult pattern. He can’t wait to hang his new heart garland proudly to decorate for Valentine’s Day.

Practice Patterns and Stringing and Create a Heart Garland with your Preschool ChildI love an easy preschool activity that has a practical use. Decorating for Valentine’s Day – check. Practicing fine motor skills – check. Find more of our preschool resources here, and Valentine’s Day ideas here.

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