shared kids room and playroom​For the next installation in our Real Home Inspiration Series, my friend Kimie from Kimie Pruessner Photography is telling you all about her amazing shared kids’ room and playroom with a DIY closet bunkbed. When I first saw it, I thought it was the coolest and most practical space. She turned the closet in to a bunk bed, leaving all the floor space for play. This series is all about real homes and real people with creative and inspiring but lived in, unstaged spaces. I’ll turn it over to Kimie. Enjoy!

I am so honored to be on the blog today!  A huge thanks to Becca for having me (isn’t she awesome?).

Check out this cool shared kids room and playroom with a bunk bed in the closet!When I’m not photographing my littles, cooking, or planning other children’s portrait sessions, you can often find me engaged in some DIY project.  This closet-bunkbed playroom is one such project.


I’m not sure why, but since becoming a homeowner, I’ve become mildly obsessed with building beds inside closets.  The cozy, tucked-in look and feel… the space-saving aspect… I’m not sure what it is, but I just love them.

DIY Closet Bunkbed


DIY closet bunkbed spaceIt’s hard to believe now, but my second child was only 16 months when he started sleeping in that bottom bunk bed!  My oldest was not quite three when she started sleeping in the top bunk.  I love Cocalo bedding.  This style is Alphabet Soup, and I adore the bright colors, particularly for a mixed gender room like this one.
gender neutral shared room for kids
Do you see that black framed picture of my cuties?  That is an Organic Bloom frame.  Each one is handmade and hand painted.  I am a big fan (and so, incidentally, are my photography clients).
Those paper-covered wooden letters are an awesome DIY project to do with munchkins.  They’re similar to Becca’s painted letters — so cute and so easy to customize for any room.
When I planned this room, I wanted lots of open floor space, and I wanted the toys up and out of the kids’ reach.  Permission to play with one thing at a time is a very good thing.  So…
organization for kids' rooms

…With that in mind, I purchased plywood boards from a big-box home improvement store, painted them each a different color matching the Cocalo Alphabet Soup bedding, and anchored them to the wall using simple (but strong) L brackets.   These shelves are life-savers when it comes to keeping toys out of the kids’ reach.


curtains for gender neutral kid roomThe curtains in this room were custom made (by my mom!) the week after my third child was born.  We used the valence from the Cocalo Alphabet Soup set and attached it to a couple yards of coordinating fabric.  Couldn’t be simpler.


free play space in shared kids roomOne thing I love about this room is all that open floor space.  I have resisted my every urge to fill that little space under the bottom bunk, because I love seeing clean carpet under it.  And I love that the kids can play hide-and-seek under there, too.


free space to play in shared kids roomAlthough I want the kids to ask permission before getting down every toy they own, I definitely do not want them asking me to come turn on the light in the morning.  They wake up far too early.  These lightswitch extenders are a must when your kids are little.


more views of a shared kids roomDo you have a favorite element of your kids’ rooms?  Please share below!  Keep up the good work, mamas, and leave some love in the comments below 🙂 ~Kimie

Thanks so much for sharing your home with us, Kimie! If you are looking for more inspiring spaces and photography tips, check out Kimie Pruessner Photography on Facebook and Pinterest. Kimie is a studio and natural light newborn and child photographer in Richardson, Texas.

5 Comments on Real Home Inspiration: DIY Closet Bunkbed in Shared Bedroom and Playroom {Guest Post}

  1. That looks really cute! I love how cozy the bunk beds are. Where do you keep their clothes? And what are the darker blue fabric tube things on the wall?

    • Kathryn – Thanks for your comment! And great question. I keep all the kids’ clothes in a different room (we call it “The Green Room”). They get dressed there (my oldest is only 4) and then go play or sleep in the bunk room. I do it that way because when my oldest was a toddler, she LOVED taking all the clothes out of her drawers and depositing them throughout the house. I finally realized I need to have the clothes totally separate so that I can organize them and put away laundry while the kids are napping/sleeping.
      The darker blue tube things are their little sleep rolls. They’re from Costco, and they love them! They drag them all over the house to have “sleepovers” in various rooms :).

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