Our little girl is getting so big.

I’m a bit behind on her monthly updates
but I’m determined not to skip one.
My bright eyed and beautiful baby is such a joy.
She smiles and giggles constantly 
and is so curious about the world around her.

At six months, our girl started solid foods and was not a fan at first.
She refused to be fed unless she could use the spoon herself.
She eventually let me feed her, and likes everything but bananas.
Her first foods were avocado, banana, and sweet potato.

Our girl started scooting herself along this month.
Her crawling style resembles a dancer doing the worm.
She is getting faster by the day and gets wherever she wants to go.
She will scoot along and the roll on her side and look around.

One of Ellie’s favorite things is to be serenaded.
She loves songs, and it calms her down like nothing else.

I cannot believe our girl is already half way to being 1.
Her infancy is going by way too fast.
I want to soak up every minute.