eby family at the beachMy name is Becca and I am a follower of Jesus, wife to Jed, mama to the Bear and the Pearl Girl, dog mom to Jackson, and a former area director for Young Life.  I’ve recently made the transition to full time mama and am so excited about my new role.  I write about my life in Dallas, TX, and the people and things I love.  We try to live for Jesus and live free from debt.  I have an endless to-do list of crafts to create, books to read, recipes to try, places to see, and pounds to lose.  As a former wild child and shopaholic, my life now is true evidence of God’s workmanship.

I chose the title of my blog because that is my favorite way to ride. Whether it is on a long road trip or just cruisin’ around town, I love to have my shoes off and my feet up (or maybe out the window).  My husband actually hates it when I ride this way because he is convinced my legs will be crushed if we get in a wreck.  I’m a bit of a rebel with a gypsy soul, and that’s what Bare Feet on the Dashboard represents.

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  1. Hi Becca!
    I’m a mom as well as an author and illustrator.
    Would love if we could do a review and giveaway of my newly published children’s picture book “Thankful For Today”.
    I would gladly email you a gift certificate let exchange for an honest review.
    My book was inspired by the prayers of my three year old and celebrates the little blessings in the life of a child.
    Both versions paperback and ebook are listed on Amazon.

    Please see an example of the listing : http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00PGC2WEO?_encoding=UTF8&camp=15041&creative=373501&linkCode=as3&tag=funwitames-20

    Thank you so much,


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