How to Kill Fire Ants without Harsh Chemicals

Living in Texas, we are constantly on the lookout for fire ants. Their bite is vicious and the wound can last weeks without proper treatment. Every time I see a fire ant mound starting to form in our yard or public parts of our neighborhood, I treat it. Through research and trial and error I’ve learned how to kill fire ants without harsh chemicals. That way I can go to battle and win against the little tyrants without damaging the environment or putting my kids at risk.

Why do I hate them so much? Last year our daughter wandered in to a pile of fire ants and was stung over 30 times in a matter of seconds. It was horrible, and had we not gotten them off of her in time she could have died. One wrong step led to days of misery for my sweet girl, and a very traumatic time for her mama. Read on to find out how we annihilate fire ants in our area and keep them away.