We are in love with swaddling at our house.  Sometimes it works better than others, as may be observed in the photo above.  That was taken as a nap came abruptly to an end after a total swaddle fail.  We have used swaddle blankets in flannel, cotton, and muslin, swaddle wraps like the one above, and a zip up thing called the woombie.  The others worked well at first, but our boy is so big now (around 15 pounds) that he can beast his way out of any blanket.  One of the staff at The Nappy Shoppe, our local cloth diaper store, suggested the zippered number, and we really like it.  He can move his hands around and even suck on them through the cloth, but he doesn’t hit himself in the face.  We know his swaddling days are numbered as he gets more mobile, but we are enjoying them while they last.  My mama thought it was mean at first when she saw my bro and sister-in-law swaddling our niece.  She even referred to it as the “baby straight jacket”.  Then she saw how much Caroline loved it and started calling it the more friendly “baby burrito”.  
Do you/did you swaddle your kiddos?
How long?  When did you stop?
How was the transition?
Do you have a favorite swaddling apparatus?