oh aldi, how i love thee…
you force me to remember my reusable shopping bags.
you fill your aisles with cheap olive oil,
affordable frozen items,
off brand chips that seem glamorous and european,
and even organic produce that fits into our budget.

this week we found fresh organic strawberries for 99 cents a pound!!!! i am in love. the downfall of this little german wonder is that you can’t find them everywhere, you have to bring your own bags (which i appreciate), and you have to pay for a cart (you get your money back when you return the cart). also, you can only use cash or debit, no credit. yay!! dave ramsey would approve. they don’t take manufacturer coupons, because they sell all of their own brands. we shop there first, because you won’t find everything you need there. but, you will find some great deals on some of the items on your list.

currently, jed does most of our grocery shopping. he says i always come back with some expensive fancy cheese or an unnecessary baked good. so not true, but who am i to get upset when the man wants to go to the grocery store? he’s on summer vacation, right? might as well make himself useful. we make a list, look through the grocery ads, collect the coupons, and then hit the stores.

i was in no way compensated or coerced to write this post. it was written purely out of love for aldi, and gratitude for the amazing 99 cent organic strawberries.

what is your grocery shopping strategy? do you visit a bunch of stores, or stick to one? clip coupons or search the ads? share your wisdom.

8 Comments on frugal friday – an ode to aldi

  1. We have Aldi here in England too, we don’t go there much as it’s not nearby to us, but my Mum is always telling me what good value it is! Funny about Jed doing your grocery shopping, Karl does ours, and he hates it when I come because I make random impulse food choices!! We need a little variation and spontaneity in our lives right?!

  2. Grocery shopping in Cancun is awful!!! Produce isn’t fresh and it goes bad fast. I’m jealous of Americans in the States, with their farm-fresh produce and their fancy organic grocery stores.

  3. My strategy is the same as yours, LOL!
    I go to Aldi first, then Amazing Savings, then Wal-Mart. I do not shop at Publix, or Winn Dixie, or Bi-Lo or Ingles- (our grocery stores here in town). No need. We love Aldi’s roasted almonds, feta cheese, butter, chicken, olive oil, cheese, toilet paper, facial tissues, salmon and organic fruits and veggies!
    I love the ode you wrote–I made a ballad for it while reading it 🙂

  4. Okay, your Aldi over in the Dallas area must be better than the one in Keller, because I wasn’t impressed and I’m the queen of CHEAP! I’ll have to check it out again, especially if they’ve got strawberries for that price 🙂

  5. Never heard of Aldi! I would have wrote a post about them too for 99 cent organic strawberries!

    I am an awful shopper…totally impulsive…I NEED to get better.

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