my sweet husband loves a good project. when he worked at camp he access to an amazing workshop and all kinds of old wood. when a 30 year old white oak fence was torn down, he decided to make 2 matching bedside tables. he made the tables before we were dating, and was thoughtful enough to make a matching one for his future wife. how cute is that?!
here’s mine. i keep it filled with magazines and books, an air freshener, and chapstick. on top is a photo of me with my bridesmaids, and 2 candles. the printed fabric coaster was a wedding gift from marci. the lamps were purchased for almost nothing from windy gap.
i love that he kept the sides rough and made the top smooth.
he is so creative and talented!
his table is filled with magazines as well.
he is the keeper of the alarm clock and flashlight.
i wish that we had access to a workshop here so that jed could build more fun furniture. maybe someday he will have a workshop of his own.

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  1. I love it! I have some fencepost on the side of my house that I snagged when a neighbor was tossing them, not sure what I want to do with mine, but this definitely gets me excited to get a move on!

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