I am a procrastinator. I am quite possibly the queen of procrastinators. One of the little tasks I always put off is cleaning my makeup brushes. I use Bare Minerals makeup, so my brushes get a lot of build up over time. I try to spray them often with Sephora brush cleaner, but they still get funky. I read on Real Simple that you are supposed to deep clean your brushes every month. It had been probably 6 months or more since I last cleaned them. Yikes. Here we go…
I used 3 different bowls so that I could soak brushes while I was swirling others. I added a teaspoon of antibacterial dish soap to each bowl.
Do not let your brushes get this nasty. Mine were seriously gross. The bacteria builds up and gets transferred to your face. Yuck.
I’ve read that you aren’t supposed to let the base of the bristles get wet, because it can affect the glue. My brushes were so gross that I had to soak them, and they seemed to be fine afterwards. Do what you have to so they will be clean. Take each brush and swirl it around until it comes clean. It may take a few minutes.
Think like Dory (Finding Nemo) and just keep swirling. And swirling. And more swirling.
Check out the nastiness that was in the bowls after I finished cleaning my brushes. Sick. When I poured it down the sink I was amazed and a little grossed out.
It is key to do this when you won’t need to reapply makeup for at least 8-10 hours. It will take the brushes a while to dry after you finish cleaning them. Just lay them out and give them some time. I’m so glad I finally got around to getting this done. My makeup looks better when I apply it with clean brushes, and I feel better about not putting gross bacteria on my face.

Do you use make up brushes? How often do you clean them?

What mundane task have you been putting off?

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18 Comments on Cleaning Makeup Brushes – A Tutorial

  1. I clean my brushes when they start feeling funky. I use shampoo and warm water to clean my brushes. Your idea looks great too. You’ll love the way they feel now.

  2. I don’t use brushes much. I have one for my bronzer and that is it. Don’t think I have ever cleaned it. It is one of those cheap ones that I get a new one every once in a while.
    Maybe a good way to get it done more often is to put a picture of the dirty water somewhere near your makeup and maybe that will inspire you to get it done then.

  3. I don’t clean often enough. I have a solution from MAC that makes it so easy, yet I never do it! Thanks for reminding me 🙂

  4. i used to clean my brushes regularly…but i haven’t in awhile..thanks for the reminder~

    great blog you have! found you through blog frog and SITS community

  5. I do use makeup brushes and also am guilty as charged. I have read that you are supposed to clean them weekly if you have oily skin (which I do). My brushes get a dunking with baby shampoo about once a month. I did just lose a brush that broke probably due to the whole glue issue.

  6. I need this reminder to clean mine. I can’t remember the last time I did! I also have the spray cleaner from Sephora and have noticed that funny smell. Thanks for these tips!

  7. THANK YOU for reminding me to do this Becca! It’s been too long.- Yes, I use mineral makeup (and concealer and eyeshadow), so I’ve got several brushes in need of attention that hopefully they will get today!- I appreciate the post!

  8. I totally need to do this. I just forget once I’m done putting on my make up. Thanks for stopping by my blog and offering your feedback. I appreciate it!

  9. oh wow, I need to do it. Mine look great but I know there is all kinds of stuff lurking b/c it has been forever!
    Thanks for linking up to “AP Tuesdays!” Hope to see you tomorrow!

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