I love weddings, especially when they involve people I care about. One of my oldest and dearest friends is getting married in January, and I am so excited for her and her fiance. We have been friends for about 17 years, and she is one of my favorite people in the world. I’m thrilled to be one of the bridesmaids. She has is one of the most creative and original people I know, so I couldn’t wait to hear about her vision for the big day.

She sent me these pictures to capture her vision of a “Winter Woodland Wedding”. I am obsessed with it. It is so them and just perfect. So, in honor of Marci and Scott, here is a glimpse of their winter woodland wedding fantasy for your enjoyment. I’ve added in the lyrics to The Avett Brothers’ song, “January Wedding” to get us all in a wedding mood. Go listen to it!

January Wedding by The Avett Brothers

She keeps it simple
And I am thankful for her kind of lovin’
‘Cause it’s simple

No longer do we wonder if we’re together
We’re way past that

And I’ve already asked her
So in January we’re gettin’ married

She’s talkin’ to me with her voice
Down so low I barely hear her
But I know what she’s sayin’
I understand because my heart and hers are the same
And in January we’re gettin’ married

And I was sick with heartache
And she was sick like Audrey Hepburn when I met her

But we would both surrender

True love is not the kind of thing you should turn down
Don’t ever turn it down

I hope that I don’t sound to insane when I say
There is darkness all around us
I don’t feel weak but I do need sometimes for her to protect me
And reconnect me to the beauty that I’m missin’
And in January we’re gettin’ married

No longer does it matter what circumstances we were born in
She knows which birds are singin’
And the names of the trees where they’re performin’ in the mornin

And in January we’re gettin’ married
Come January let’s get married…

I’m sorry but I don’t know the source of all the photos, because they were sent to me.

Our wedding theme was a mountain fair and barn dance, with brown and robin’s egg blue as the colors. We had snow cones, a popcorn machine, a photo booth, and a Marble Slab buffet. Our ceremony was in a field and our reception in a barn.
What was your wedding vision or theme?
Or, what is your dream theme?

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  1. My husband and I had a Christmas wedding (though about a week before Christmas- not on the actual day- we did want people to actually come!!). I carried red roses, my favorite, the bridesmaids had white ones with green dresses, we had pine garland up the aisles with big red bows, and white pearl lights in them. We had a Christmas tree on our dance floor decorated with giant pointesetas in white & red, and an angel on top that we still use each year! It wasn’t my ‘dream’ wedding (I love Disney and honestly wanted a Cinderella wedding- though Christmas is my favorite holiday so I was happy with my second choice!), but it was my perfect wedding since I married my best friend that day!!

  2. What beautiful images! You must be so excited, not to mention your friend! I am so excited about our wedding this time next year, on a japanese/autumnal theme, planning proper will have to start soon, so expect upcoming blog posts on a wedding theme!

  3. We got married in the South in July, and our theme was sort of afternoon garden party with a dash of Audrey Hepburn– my color was Tiffany Blue. The best compliment I got on our wedding was “It was just so YOU!” Also, we’re pretty sure our photographer came to know Jesus just from spending that weekend with us and our families, so that was pretty rockin.

  4. Beautiful photos! That will be a stunning winter wedding.

    Our wedding was whimsical, nature-inspired and casual. We did a pre-wedding BBQ (where we cooked for guests ourselves) and then a sunset ceremony across the street at a golf course. There was mini golf, music, a photobooth and orange sherbet champagne punch. FUN!

  5. this makes me want to get married again… not because i didn’t truly LOVE our wedding and reception… but because i LOVE decorating in general… but especially for special occasions. and the wedding reception is the ultimate party to decorate…. isn’t it? {sigh}

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