Two weeks ago I set up a simple fall display on my front porch. I love a fall display. I love pumpkins and hay bales and fall in general. I thought my display was cute, and it brought me joy. Jed took me to buy pumpkins on our first date 3 years ago, so they remind of that joyful occasion.

My crazy landlady saw my display and became enraged. She made me remove the hay bale, stating that it would destroy her porch. It wasn’t wet or anything, and I just don’t understand. We removed it, but this was one of the last straws that is forcing us to move. Our lease expired last month, and although we love our house and hate moving, our landlady is just not worth it. She comes over to our house without warning and hangs out in the front yard for hours, completely ignoring us. We have a drawer full of passive/aggressive letters that she has written to us over the past year. We literally live in fear of her. She has made me cry more times than I can count. We are done. I only wish I could warn future renters about her. We found a great house to rent in our neighborhood that is bigger and only $25 more. I can’t wait to show you pictures and move in!

I will be setting up a new fall display and carving some pumpkins at our new house!

Would you put up with a crazy landlord to avoid moving and stay in a nice house?

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  1. Only until my kids were ready to move due to school issues, but thern, I’d be outta’ there! (Good idea hanging on to the letters though. I bet she says you owe her money for this or that in the end).

  2. Would I put up with a landlady that wouldn’t let me put hay on my porch? Sure. (even though that’s really stupid.) But if it was causing as much trouble as yours is causing you, absolutely not! It isn’t worth the headache!

  3. I’d move and I’m glad you guys are looking out for your own happiness and getting the heck outta there! Let her hassle someone else about their hay bales…just make sure you can have as many hay bales as you want on your new porch.

  4. dude, why is your landlady at your house? I have NEVER had a landlady come to my house/apartment except MAYBE to collect rent.

    Why would she be in your front yard?

    And… um… a hay bale won’t do anything to a porch.

    Get the $25-more house!!

  5. Thanks for the support, y’all! We put in our notice and cannot wait to move. We are choosing to not allow this person to be mean to us any more. We don’t need the stress and anger that she brings on a weekly basis. Yay for new beginnings!

  6. It’s illegal for her to show up unannounced, just as a heads up. If I remember correctly, landlords have to give 24 hour notice before they can step foot on the premises. Granted though, that doesn’t change her being creepy! Glad you found another house 🙂

  7. It’s a covered porch…how could the straw possible destroy it?! Jeez! Move, girl, move! I would look to see if there is any type of public forum in your area on landlords and leave your review if possible. It’s awful what you all have put up with.

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