Pregnancy Limbo feels like this.
I am living in pregnancy limbo, that stage in between looking like a normal person and actually looking pregnant. Even though I haven’t gained much weight, I feel like everything is becoming rounded, much like my friend the manatee in the photo above. My bump is starting to show, but mostly I just feel large. I’m sure strangers wonder if it is a beer belly or a baby belly. My pre-pregnancy pants don’t fit even with a band or the hair band trick. My friend Crystal taught me the hair band trick, and it saved my waist for weeks. You just put a pony tail holder through your button hole and around the button. Genius. I bought 2 Bella Bands at Target and barely used them because the hair band worked so well.

I finally gave in and bought maternity clothes, and they are such a relief. I bought them on the larger side so they will fit later on, and they are so deliciously comfy right now. So far Kohls and Target have been good to me, but I’d love to hear your go-to places for affordable maternity clothes. Bring on the stretchy pants!
I reached 16 weeks/4 months on Saturday, and had my monthly check up today. Everything went well and looks great. It is so fun to hear the heartbeat of my little Bun and know that he or she is cooking perfectly. We can’t wait to see Bun at our next appointment. By the way, we have decided not to find out the gender of our baby before the birth. I’ll share more about that decision later.

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  1. How exciting!!! I wore a lot of Old Navy maternity- sometimes the quality is not the best but when you are only wearing it for a few months, it does not matter. LOVE Target maternity. If you need something fancy, Mimi Maternity is really nice, but expensive. It is a nice place to splurge. I am glad that everything is going smoothly, Becca!

  2. That is so exciting! I also wore a lot of Old Navy items. I actually bought their normal shirts over maternity shirts, and wore them a lot right after Finn was born. They made that “I just had a baby so none of my old clothes fit” stage manageable because they were technically normal clothes!

    I also haunted Ross for cute maternity clothes-I found a pair of shorts on sale for $5! And honestly, there is nothing like putting on an tank top (even one that exposes your belly) and pulling on one of your hub’s button down shirts (buttoned to cover your bump but open otherwise to expose your neck and give that elongation effect) with a pair of maternity jeans or shorts. It’s cute!

    I applaud you guys for waiting for the surprise of knowing Baby’s gender. I was always too impatient for that!! 😀

  3. I actually hit Kid 2 Kid a lot here in DFW as they sell gently used maternity clothes for pretty cheap, but I too utilized Old Navy and Target quite often. If you’re willing to travel to Grapevine, Grapevine Mills Mall has a Mimi Maternity store right by the Carter’s store and they have great sales. I got a ton of stuff there.

    Knowing we were going to have a second child, I tried to stay away from super trendy items and did invest in a great pair of jeans, a go-to black dress and a pair of black pants that I could wear the next time around without them being out of date. Maternity clothes are NOT cheap unfortunately!! Ugh!

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