Everyone has a weakness, something that tempts you no matter the consequences.  When you are trying to stay on a budget, temptation seems to pop up everywhere.  Lately I’ve been tempted to spend all over the place.  Cute maternity clothes call to me from the racks saying, “You need cute clothes, buy me!”  And there’s the baby stuff.  Oh, the baby stuff.  It calls to me from the stores and my inbox saying, “Doesn’t your baby deserve the best? If you want to be a good mom you’ll buy me.  Aren’t I the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?”  We also get tempted by budget busters like vacations and dining out, things we “deserve” because we have been so frugal.

How do we deal with all of this spending temptation when we are trying to save for our first house and baby?
We do our best to stay on budget, and we keep our budget flexible adding and changing things when needed.  We are going on an overnight getaway soon, a little babymoon, so we budgeted for it over several months so we don’t have to stress about the expense.  I got a little extra clothing money last month so I could buy more maternity clothes.  We are putting off as much baby spending as possible until after our baby showers, and budgeting some each month so that when we need to buy stuff we will have the cash ready.  We struggle daily with the temptation to forget our budget and spend whatever we want, because we do have a big savings fund.  Sometimes it is hard to not spend because we worked so hard to save up that money and be debt free.  I think what really keeps us grounded is that we are on the same page with money all the time, and make sure to work through it if a conflict arises.  This has been the best thing ever for our marriage and our finances.

What are your budget busting temptations?  How do you avoid giving in?  

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  1. My kryptonite is when I find a luxury item for a discount price. It’s like, this is a once in a lifetime bargain! We are saving to trade my car this summer, so I know how you feel. Right now what is working for me is that I am just staying out of the shops- and staying home. My house is cleaner, LOL! 😀

  2. I have two big temptations. One is food, not like junk, but just everyday groceries. It’s always hard for me to stay on budget and buy simple foods and meals, when I would really love to have more elaborate, interesting and creative meals. The second one is my kids. I want them to be able to participate in things that interest them, and follow the passions they have, so it’s hard for me to say no to things like lessons, or to spread them out so each kid gets to try just one thing and take turns.

  3. Ive recently been able to stick to our budget b/c I started coupon-ing with my sister in law. I recently posted about it but I got $35 worth of stuff at the store for only 13 CENTS and earned $11 back in shopping dollars for future purchases. We only buy/stock up mildly on what we actually use and need so we’re not wasting money or buying a ton that we dont have the space to store.
    Another thing Ive been doing is clearing blogs off my blogroll that are constantly blogging about buying stuff all the time b/c even with thrifty buys Im tempted to go to my thrift store and spend $$$ I dont need to spend(=wasting money).
    Yet a third thing Ive been doing is narrowing down the emails we receive from stores,companies,etc… that tempt me to make a purchase. If I dont see it, Im not tempted to buy it, and therefore I dont spend that money. Make sense?
    Im so glad you will be able to getaway soon:)

  4. My budget busters are still the GoodWill and estate sales! I love vintage and antique stuff.
    I actually went into GoodWill the other day, walked about 10 feet, and turned around and walked back out. I don’t need more stuff now, we are downsizing–ugh.
    Like I have a good budget angel on one shoulder and a bad debt angel on the other yelling in my ears!
    Love you, girl!
    Interesting post…
    Keep talking about freedom!
    I will, too!
    Stay healthy and well with that baby bun!

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