Everyone’s favorite 3rd trimester pregnancy symptom, swelling (or edema if you want to get technical) has reared its ugly head at my house.  Or more specifically on my feet.  I’m basically down to flip flops at this point, which is fine because I love them and it’s warm outside.  On our babymoon we did a little hiking at Dinosaur Valley State Park, so I wore athletic socks and my hiking shoes.  As you can see above, my tootsies did a little swelling during the hike and the socks had a pattern.  That pattern became magically indented into my feet.  Awesome.  I had never experienced anything like this before, so I felt the need to document the occasion for your enjoyment.  I’m sure you have many more puffy feet and cankle pics to look forward to.  Get excited, people.  Please know that I’m not really complaining, but more laughing at myself and my puffy feet.  A girl has to keep herself entertained somehow.

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  1. Aww, hang in there! I recently did a review for a maternity compression product that’s supposed to help with swelling and achy legs during pregnancy (FreshLegs by Zensah). I’m not pregnant, but I wore them during my 12 hour nursing shifts and they were the best compression product I’ve tried yet – maybe those will help? I promise I don’t work for them, just a product I genuinely enjoyed reviewing 🙂

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