33 Weeks
35 Weeks
I cannot believe there are only 30 days left until our due date.  I am HUGE.  I’m still measuring 4 weeks ahead, so basically I look and feel like I should be giving birth this week.  Let me tell you, things are getting a bit uncomfortable.  Next Tuesday is our doctor’s appointment with an ultrasound where we will get to see the baby and see how big the fibroid tumor has become.  I’m nervous about that, but excited to see the baby.  I had a nightmare last night where the tumor had grown too large and forced a c-section.  Jed, on the other hand, had a great dream about us having a really cute baby boy.  Maybe I’ll have a good dream tonight.  
We are working hard to get ready for Bun’s arrival, but it is slow going because of our jobs.  Most of our stuff is still in the packages and only semi-organized.  Hopefully we can get more of it done this weekend.  Our hospital bag is mostly packed, with a list on top of all the things it is missing so we don’t forget anything.  We figured out how to install the car seat, but it took about 30 minutes and lots of help from our neighbors.  We were amazed by how tricky it was.  The entire time we were thinking, “We both have college degrees, surely we can figure this out.”  
The next things on our list are to finish decorating the nursery and wash the linens, clothes, and cloth diapers.  We are trying to figure out what exactly we need to do to prep the cloth diapers.  More on that later.  
What did you to prepare for your first baby?  
What do you wish you had done?  
What turned out to be a complete waste of time?     

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  1. To prep the cloth diapers, it should be just to wash them without detergent several times to soften them up. Once there’s something to clean on them, use a detergent specifically for cloth diapers – Rockin’ Green is really nice – so you don’t get detergent build-up and repelling. Do you have a spray attachment for your toilet? That will make your life soooo much easier! We don’t, but we use the gDiapers compostable/disposable inserts most of the time and only cloth overnight or when we’re pretty sure there’s not a poop on the way!

  2. Both times, I over packed my hospital bag. So that was the waste of time for me. You look adorable Becca! Just think, only a little while longer until that babe is in your arms 😀

  3. Baking soda is a good non-toxic additive for the laundry, and I vote for unscented detergent as well. I agree with the others – you look wonderful! I know you can’t wait for little ACE (Angel Cakes Eby) to be born, and I can’t either! Jackson, on the other hand, may be seriously ticked off that he’s not an only child anymore. Tell him I said to behave, okay? Take care, relax as much as you can, and know I’m thinking of all four of you! xxoo Mary I. in Nashville

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