37 Weeks 
My sweet friends Sydney and Raychel took maternity photos for me, first at the Dallas Arboretum, then with Jed at White Rock Lake and our home.  In retrospect we should have done it before I started to resemble a house, but I’m still so glad to have them.  Both ladies are super talented and teaching themselves to be photographers.  This first round is from Sydney, and are just a few of my favorites.  She edited some of them, and then I tweaked some using Picnik.      

 Looking at pictures of yourself at nine months pregnant is a bit humbling, because you really are as big as you feel.  On the other hand, I love having these pictures of our little family before we meet our Baby Bun.  We are nervous and excited and waiting patiently for our new addition.

 We tried not to be too cheesy.  I started to giggle whenever we would strike a goofy pose.  I think these all turned our really well.  The sun was SUPER bright, so there were some shadows, but these look as natural as you can look posing in a field of wildflowers with your husband.

Do you schedule family photo shoots?  

6 Comments on My Maternity Photo Shoot – Part 1

  1. Very cute pics! I took some with my last pregnancy and I am so glad I did. I love looking at them now and trying to remember how big my belly was!

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  2. Becca, you look beautiful! I love maternity shoots and hope to have one too once I’m a bit further along. 🙂

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  3. Stunning photos! Home stretch Loves! Good luck!!

    Yes, we have a Christmas shoot and I have something planned for the summer. Great way to preserve the memories.

  4. Becca, these pics are wonderful! You and your two boys (can you guess which gender I think you’re having?)…sweet, sweet, sweet! Can’t wait for your big day! xxoo Mary I. in TuneTown

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