I’ve written about swaddling before, and how it worked wonders for Fisher’s sleep habits.  By the time he was about 11 weeks old he could fight his way out of every swaddle blanket and velcro swaddle we could find.  I was visiting a semi-local cloth diaper shop (our closest one at 30 minutes away), The Nappy Shoppe, when I spied the Woombie.  I asked an employee about the product and she raved about it.  I purchased an original Woombie in the orange “paprika” color in the Big Baby size (14-19 lbs) for about $27.  It was wonderful.  The original Woombie zips right up the front and swaddles baby in a comfy cotton sleep sack that even our little Houdini couldn’t escape.

We loved the Woombie so much that I wrote to the company and asked to do a review of the Convertible Woombie.  They kindly sent us a Convertible Woombie to try, and we love it even more.  It is light enough for Dallas weather, but adds a layer of light warmth for our sweet boy.  

We used it with his arms tucked in until he started rolling on his sides in the crib.  To help him sleep safely we unsnapped the arm holes and released his little arms to freedom.  We were nervous that transitioning to arms out sleeping would be difficult, but it really wasn’t.  He self soothes by sucking on his little fingers and naps like a champ.  

Why do we love it so much?  It is easy to use, you just zip it up. If your babe falls asleep you can even get him/her in without waking them up.  Amazing.  They can’t fight their way out of it, and the soft cocoon soothes their startle reflexes and helps them sleep longer and better.

 Even though the Woombie keeps him snug, there is still room for movement.  

Woombie has a ton of great products, for babes from 3 pounds and up.  Next on my shopping list are the Ultra Sleeper, the Eco Baby Donut, and the brand new Mod’Sleeper.  The only negatives I’ve found with Woombie products are the prices.  As a frugal girl and consignment/garage sale addict I have trouble shelling out close to $30 bucks for a baby item.  I know, I’m cheap.  However, when you find a product that really is above and beyond the competition, it is worth the money.  Obviously I think Woombie products are worth it, or I wouldn’t be sharing them with you.  

Woombies are available online at the Woombie website, Amazon, lots of mom and pop baby stores, and right now on Zulily for only $17.99 instead of the normal $27.99.  Woohoo!  Just search “Woombie” on Zulily and all the options left will pop up.  I’m thinking about stocking up for baby showers and future wee ones.

**All opinions are strictly my own.  I am in no way affiliated with the Woombie company, and was not compensated for my opinions other than being given a product to review.

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