As a dapper southern gentleman, Fisher rocks a bow tie on occasion.  Being only 8 months old, said bow tie is best worn painted on a onesie.  I’ve seen some really cute bowtie onesies on Pinterest and Etsy, and decided to try to make one for my little man.  It was so super easy that I had to show you.    
 Here’s what you need:
cardstock or magazine
disappearing ink pen
fabric paint & brush
or fabric paint pen
1) Stick your card stock or magazine inside your onesie to prevent bleed through. 
2) Use your disappearing ink pen to draw a basic bow tie outline on your onesie, just below the collar.  Keep redrawing until you are satisfied with your design. 

3) Trace the outline of your bow tie with your paint and brush or paint pen.
 I used a paint pen, so I had to dot it on to really fill it in.  I will definitely use fabric paint and a brush in the future as it goes on much smoother.

4) Fill in the outline of your bow tie.  
5) Let your little man rock that bow tie onesie.
  So cute.
So easy.
So frugal.  

 This is his Zoolander Blue Steel Baby Model Pose. 
  This is his “Mama, how many pictures are you going to take?” pose.  
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Did you pay attention to the Superbowl or were you crafting and blogging like me? 

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