So innocent looking, right? 
How could a tiny wading pool cause trauma, 
screaming, weeping, and gnashing of teeth?
When a rookie mom fills said kiddie pool with ice cold water straight out of the hose, all hell breaks loose. Big time rookie mistake, people. There was screaming, there was hysterical crying, there was lots of clinging to Mama long after the 5 second pool dip was over.  I had visions of a happy baby splashing and laughing and thinking, “My Mama is the best mama in the whole world because she bought be this awesome $5 kiddie pool.”  Let’s just say that little dream was crushed.   
The Bear finally calmed down after we moved over to a blanket in the shade.  I tried showing him how fun it was by sticking my feet in it.  It felt amazing.  He wanted no part of that action.  Oh well.  We will try again another day, but this time I’ll let the water warm up in the sun first.  
What was your latest rookie mistake?

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