The wait is over, people. Teeth have arrived.  
After nine glorious months of a gummy, toothless grin, teething came at us full force.  Within the span of six weeks the top four came in first, followed shortly by the bottom two.  Let me just say that all the horrid things you’ve heard about teething babies are true.  Our sweet angel turned briefly into a fussy, screaming, restless, no appetite, wake up all night, ball of frustration.  I felt so sorry for him.  I’m so thankful he won’t remember it, because it was ROUGH.  As I’m sure it is for every other baby out there ever.  Poor things.  Hopefully we get a little reprieve before the next teeth try to break through.  
Side note: He has only bitten me twice while nursing.  I screamed and that seemed to be an effective deterrent. 
Please share with me any brilliant strategies for dealing with teething.  Help!       

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