Growing up in Little Rock, the Arkansas River was very much a part of my life.  It is huge and wide and powerful and full of barges and riverboats and crossed by massive bridges.  Not so a thousand miles away.    

 The lovely little town of Buena Vista in Colorado has a river park on the Arkansas where kayakers and swimmers can play and enjoy the rushing water.  We watched the playboaters and waded around one afternoon.

 The Bear thought it was pretty awesome and we agreed.  The views from the bridge above were breathtaking, all rushing river and rugged mountains.  Several hiking trails pass through the park and we plan to check those out later.  Jed plans to try his luck fishing there later on this month.

 The sounds of a river running over rocks is one of my favorites in the whole world.  It is therapy for my soul.

Where are you playing this summer? 

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