It is has been a shamefully long time since I’ve posted an update on pregnancy #2, and I have a myriad of excuses you don’t want to hear. The most common are: I didn’t fix my hair or put on make up so I can’t take a picture or Jed’s not home so I can’t take a picture. I apologize for the photo quality above, but I cannot procrastinate another day or this child will be here.  Poor second child, already lacking the documentation of the oldest child. It stops today. I’m 32 weeks along and feeling great most of the time. Here’s the rundown:

32 Weeks Update
Feeling: great, alternating with tired, large
Wearing: anything that fits, lots of flowy skirts, wide shoes
Weight Gain: not telling, but significantly less than last time
Pregnancy Side Effects: feet swell when I walk too much, tons of Braxton Hicks contractions
Belly Button: Still in.  It never popped with Bear so I’m assuming that it won’t this time either.
Craving: Sweets! But I gave them up for Lent… 🙁
Baby: weighs close to 4 pounds and is about 17 inches long,
moving around like a champ
Gender: Girl!  (We sure hope that ultrasound was right or we’ll have a lot of pink stuff going to waste.)
Name: undecided – We have a few front runners, but haven’t decided on a final winner.  
Nursery: We have the paint, but haven’t painted.  Bear will continue to live in there until he is ready to move to a big boy room this summer.  Mini Bear will room with us for the first few months for convenient night time breastfeeding and mommy’s paranoia.  
Preparations: We toured our new hospital Monday, and will meet with our doula in the next few weeks to prepare the birth plan and work on pain management techniques.  We are trying for a VBAC.  We’ve stocked up on cloth diapers and have a few more things to buy for our sweet girl.  
To-Do List: work on decorations for the nursery, make headbands and bows, practice relaxation techniques for labor
What is one thing you did to prepare for the birth of your child?


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