On a recent grocery store trip I accidentally purchased the wrong kind of dried beans.  I was going for kidney but came home with pinto.  I meant to return them but kept forgetting.  Best $2 I ever accidentally spent.  I didn’t get the red beans and rice dish I was craving, but I did create a fresh way to entertain Bear.
We took half the bag of beans and poured them into Bear’s sand pail and got out the rest of his sand toys as well as a few plastic cups.  Every afternoon we go outside and sift, pour, and dump the beans til his little heart is content.
He LOVES them.  I love them because they are super easy to scoop back into the bucket and there is no harm done if a few end up in the grass.  All that scooping and sifting is great for his motor skill development, and keeps him completely entertained.
I’ve seen lots of sensory trays on Pinterest and have wanted to make one for a long time.  Instead we have a cheap sensory bucket.  Yay for cheap entertainment!
How do you keep your kids or yourself entertained on the cheap?

18 Comments on Frugal Friday: Cheap Toddler Entertainment

  1. Fun idea for a little one! How cute would the bumGenius Elemental diaper be in grasshopper for Spring?!?

  2. As far as the best cloth diaper, I haven’t even picked out his Easter outfit so I’m not sure. Maybe his new Albert diaper?

  3. Not sure. Our babe isn’t due until August 🙂 They’ll be sporting one next Easter for sure. Thanks for this opportunity!

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