Our family is delighted to announce the arrival of our beautiful daughter, Eleanor Pearl Eby.
Our sweet baby girl arrived on Monday, April 22nd at 3:56 pm.
She weighed 7 lbs 14 oz at birth and was 20 inches long.
She is amazing and perfect and we are so in love.
These past two weeks have been filled with lots of snuggling,
mama milk, family, and learning to be a family of four.

My parents came to stay with us the first week, and we would 
have been lost without them.  The Bear asks for Dede and Poppy
every day at least twice a day.

We had a successful all natural VBAC birth, and Ellie Pearl and I are both healthy and happy.  If you are a c-section mama considering VBAC, it is totally worth it in my opinion.  You can read our Trying for a VBAC blog series here, and I’ll post more of our birth story soon.  

Ellie and I are getting into the groove of nursing, but she had a severe tongue tie that made it difficult at first.  We’ve had to have it clipped twice, because the first time didn’t go far enough.  Hopefully this will enable us to have a long and healthy breastfeeding relationship and will prevent any speech difficulties as she gets older.

Her tiny hand in mine melts my heart like nothing else.

My youngest brother, Matt, drove 6 hours each way to come and meet his niece.  The Bear asks for him daily as well since he went back home.  
She loves skin to skin snuggles with Daddy.
Here we are ready to go home from the hospital.
We are so thankful to the Lord for the safe arrival of our sweet baby girl, Ellie Pearl.  

5 Comments on Welcome to the World, Eleanor Pearl!

  1. Love all the pictures — almost like being there…almost. So sweet! Congrats to all four of you. Ellie, I can’t wait to meet you!
    Love, Mary I.

  2. Congratulations! She is absolutely beautiful! We lost our only baby girl before she even had a chance to be born. But God has graciously given us 5 granddaughters and a great granddaughter! He has certainly “turned our mourning into dancing!”

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