In this quest to live this one life to the fullest extent the Lord has planned for me, I’m trying each week to concentrate on one aspect of becoming the woman I want to be.  You can read about my definition of who that woman is here.  I long to be a woman of prayer.  If you are blessed to know a real prayer warrior, you know there is something different about them, something intangible.  Not only do they have that Jesus joy that shines through so many of His followers, they also have a quiet sense of connectedness to the Father that I want so desperately.  You know they pray for you, even without them voicing it.  You know they spend rich, full, time with their Daddy each day.  I am one who often says a quick prayer throughout the day, but lacks the fortitude to commit to consistent, deep time with Him.  But I want it.  Oh, how I want it.  So, I’ve decided no more will I wait on the sidelines for that magical time when I become the woman I want to be.  The time is now, and it starts with prayer.  
Will you join me?  If you, too, have longed to be a prayer warrior, join me as I try to bridge this gap.  I’ve decided to start with intentional prayer lists.  Using the notes section of my iPhone, I’ve made a list for each day of the week.  There I can easily add prayer requests for friends (both IRL and online) and family, pray for missionaries and churches, and for my husband and children.  My phone is like an extra appendage, so my prayer list will always be with me.  Hopefully each list will be prayed over multiple times per day.  From now on, if I tell someone I’m praying for them, I’m really praying for them.  I want those words to have meaning.  
Challenge #1: Create a prayer list for each day of the week.

Who do you want to be when you grow up?  What steps are you taking to become that person today?

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