Dear Blog Readers Around the World,
Thank you for taking time out of your busy life to read what we, the bloggers, write.  I’m not sure if you know how important you are to people like me so I’m taking a minute to make sure you do.  Without you, everything we write would fall in to empty space and never be heard.  Every time you click on a blog post you are listening to someone’s voice.  We appreciate it.  Thank you.

Many bloggers write to tell a story, to share their lives, to help others, to reach out.  I hope to do all of those things here in this space.  Without you, it all falls flat.  Thank you for reading my stories, and those of my fellow bloggers.  Thank you for listening.  Thank you for letting us share way too much about our lives because we need to vent, long to share, are desperate to open up.  Thank you for responding, for leaving comments, for sending emails.  I love hearing from each one of you, as do my fellow bloggers.

Like many others in this arena, I try to make a little extra money through this site to help support my family.  Without you, that doesn’t happen.  Every time you click on a blog post you give a page view, which helps that blogger widen their influence.  As influence widens, opportunities to make money materialize.  Thank you for making it possible for us to live on one traditional income (Jed’s job) by supplementing it with blog income. Every time you click on an ad, read a post, enter a giveaway, or leave a comment, you are helping a blogger provide for their family.  When you take the time to share a post you love on Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter, it helps that blogger tremendously.  Did you know that?  You being here, on my site, matters to my family.  Thank you.  Seriously, thank you.

I am forever grateful and humbled that someone would take the time to read what I write, much less that I would be able to supplement our income through this little space on the web.  Thank you for making it possible.
With Love,

3 Comments on Love Letter to Blog Readers Everywhere {Especially Mine}

  1. I’m stopping by from SITS also and I LOVE this! What a sweet and genuine way to thank your readers and to really educate them on how much each click really means. I am pinning this right now! Thanks so much!

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