Fried plantains are one of my favorite quick whole food snacks to whip up.  They are delicious and can be served a number of ways as a snack or the perfect side to Caribbean black beans and rice.  I prefer them with a dash of sea salt.  If you’ve ever wondered what to do with those extra large fruits that resemble bananas but are typically sold individually in the U.S., I’ll share one method that will be a crowd pleaser.  
Plantains are similar in appearance to bananas, but cannot be eaten raw.  Ripe plantains look like a banana that has gone bad, but you can cook a plantain at any stage of ripeness.  I typically buy them green and let them ripen at home.  They can be notoriously difficult to peal.  The easiest method I’ve found is to chop off both ends, slice through the skin down the side, and peel away.  

one ripe plantain
one tbsp olive oil
sea salt
Peel your plantain and slice very thinly.
Heat your olive oil in a skillet for a few minutes.
Toss in your slices and separate them.
Flip them every few minutes so they cook thoroughly.
When they are tender to the touch, remove to a paper towel. 
Sprinkle sea salt on top.
Serve hot.
Plantain chips are also tasty when topped with cinnamon, sugar, or smashed after frying and refried.
Have you ever tried fried plantains?
What’s your favorite exotic fruit or vegetable dish? 

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