I was a dancer growing up, taking lessons in ballet, tap, and jazz from age 2 til college.  Because of this influence, I have an affinity for tutus in my blood.  I’ve made them before but finally figured out a super fast way to make an adjustable waist tutu for under $10 in about twenty minutes.  Seriously.  This is not a Rachel Ray twenty minutes either, with some assistant cutting strips during the commercial.  You can make one, even if you aren’t crafty.  These tutus can grow with your favorite little girl and make a great Christmas or birthday gift.  You can see we styled it for Christmas with our red and green necklace onesie from Unique Annick.   
Materials Needed:
35-50 yards of tulle (depending on the size of your child)
I use the rolls found in the notions section of the fabric store because they are already cut to the perfect width.  You can find them for $3-4.99 (depending on color) for 25 yards, and use a coupon to get them 40% off.
1 1/2 yards of grosgrain ribbon in a coordinating color 
(at least one inch thick)
piece of scrap cardboard to use as a guide and mat
1. Measure your child’s waist or estimate it.  Cut the ribbon to have about twenty extra inches for a bow.  
2. Find the middle of your ribbon and measure for the waist from that point, tying a knot at each end of the waist portion.  
3. Cut your cardboard in to a rectangle to create a guide mat.  For children 0-12 months you’ll want an 8 inch skirt, so make your cardboard 9 inches across to accommodate the knots.  Make a toddler skirt 9-10 inches long, and a child’s skirt 12-14 inches long.  Just add an extra inch to the cardboard for whatever size skirt you need.
4. Wrap your tulle around the cardboard guide until it is almost too thick to cut.  Cut across one side creating 17 inch strips (using the 0-12 month size as an example).

5. Tie your ribbon around the cardboard to make your life easier.  
6. Take three pieces of tulle at a time and loop over the ribbon, then bring the ends through the loop as shown below.  Repeat until your skirt reaches its desired fullness.  Be sure to pull the knots tights and then push them together tightly. 
7. Remove your finished skirt from the guide and fluff it up.  You’re done! 
Hopefully you can knock this out while watching a 30 Rock rerun and have a fabulous tutu gift for under $10.  

If you use this tutorial to make a Twenty Minute Tutu, please share your finished product on my Facebook page.  I’d love to see it.  
I’m always trying to find ways to create in the short amount of free time I have.
What’s your best craft shortcut?

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  1. This gorgeous! What a great idea. My little girl loves anything pink and fluffy so will have to make this for her birthday. I found your lovely page via Craft Frenzy Friday! Have a happy weekend. V@Sprout’s House xox

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