Our gorgeous girl is ten months old and full of sass. She has one tooth and a personality all her own. I am once again super late with this update, but determined to get it done anyway. This month Eleanor continued to bring pure joy in to our lives with her sweet giggle and determined nature. She is curious and sweet, but lets you know loudly when she doesn’t get her way. She is truly a blessing, gift, and reward from the Lord.


At ten months Ellie is pulling up on everything within her reach, chewing on anything she can grab, and babbling up a storm. She giggles whenever we open a book, and Brown Bear, Brown Bear is her favorite. Her hair is getting longer and sticks straight up like a little fuzzy duckling. Her eyes are the purest blue and her hair is a light strawberry blonde.


She lives for discovery and is so curious about the world around her. She is happiest when outside, but keeping sticks and leaves out of her mouth proves to be a challenge. Grapes, bread, cheese, and mama’s green smoothies are her favorite foods.


When Ellie decides she wants to get somewhere, she takes off with a look of  fierce determination. You can see it below. She crawls fast and furious towards her goal. I hope she is this fierce and determined in everything she does in life. She prefers to crawl with something in each hand, which can make hilarious sound effects as she traverses the kitchen floor.


She loves music and bops along with the beat. She will pull up and stand on her own for a few seconds. She says “Dada” and “yes”.


We are so thankful every day for the precious gift of this funny little girl to our family.

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