The Bear and I love a good project. This little Easter Egg Garland was a really fun one to create with him, and gave him lots of great fine motor skill practice. Stringing objects is part of his upcoming skills check with our pediatrician’s ages and stages questionnaire, so we’ve been working on it together. I thought making an egg garland would be great practice and give us a festive decoration for our mantle at the same time. He is so proud of his creation, as you can see above. His two year old attention span couldn’t handle making the whole thing in one day, so we worked on it bit by bit over several days.


Materials: plastic Easter eggs, embroidery floss

The Bear chose green embroidery floss to make his garland, and we measure the length of the mantle to make sure it would be the right size.  This boy LOVES to measure. I cut the thread and tied a slip knot in one end, creating a loop for easy hanging and stopping eggs from falling off the end. He picked out the colors and order and we practiced identifying colors as we went along. Sometimes he would poke the string through and I would pull it, sometimes the other way around. His favorite was reaching in to the egg to grab the string as I poked it through the hole. The eggs that are hinged together are the best for this particular project.


If I made this by myself, I would probably thread a needle and use it to expedite the process, but that wouldn’t be safe with a toddler. We went along slowly and methodically, and he really loved it. We poked the thread through the hole in one end with the egg open, then out the hole at the other end. The Bear loved lifting the string and letting the egg fall down to the end. We counted as we went. Every time we started again we would measure and estimate how many more eggs we needed to finish.


It never ceases to amaze me how many skills can be practiced in a single, simple activity if I’m paying attention. This one project let us practice colors, numbers, counting, stringing objects, estimating, and measuring.


The colors are not in a perfect pattern that I would have chosen, but I love that the Bear and I made it together. He is so proud. He couldn’t wait to show Jed and loves to look at it and talk about it. I think it turned out really well.


How do you incorporate fine motor skills practice with your kids?

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