Our little Pearl Girl just turned one and we have been on the look out for a new car seat. Her infant seat has been great, but she is getting to the point where she wants to sit up a little higher and see more of the world around her. We knew we wanted to upgrade to a convertible seat because we want to keep her rear facing as long as possible. When I had the opportunity to try Evenflo’s new Symphony DLX Platinum Convertible Car Seat, I thought it looked like the perfect fit for us. The seat is designed to fit children from 5-110 pounds, so it is seriously the only one you’ll ever need. We wear our kids rather than tote them around in infant seats, so a convertible car seat is just right for our family. Read on for our convertible car seat review to find out what we loved  and didn’t love about the seat and our recommendations.

The shoulder straps adjust easily to fit different sized kids without re-threading.
The shoulder straps adjust easily to fit different sized kids without re-threading.

We are planning a big road trip this summer, so I started looking in to convertible car seats for PG a few months ago. I wanted something that had a long rear facing weight span and something that would be safe and comfortable for her during long stretches in the car. This seat stands out for a few reasons. Kids can stay rear facing up to 40 pounds, and the 5 point harness goes up to 65 pounds before being used as a booster from 65-110 pounds. We also love the Infinite Slide Harness which makes sure that the straps are the correct height without any re-threading. If you’ve ever re-threaded car seat straps you might be saying amen to that one. SureLATCH Technology and e3 Side Impact Protection are reassuring for me, because I’m a worrier. Bear is over the weight limit for rear facing, but I wanted to see how easily he could fit. It took under 30 seconds to remove the infant insert and adjust to fit him. That’s pretty incredible. He said it was comfy and was really pumped about the cupholders.

Check out the cupholder.
Check out the cupholder.

Besides the obvious safety features, there are some bonuses that set this car seat above the competition. The Platinum Protection Series car seats feature Outlast temperature regulating fabric developed by NASA that helps keep kids comfortable in hot or cold weather. With a blazing hot Texas summer just around the corner, I’m pretty excited about it. The other awesome heat feature is the buckle pocket. These little slots keep the buckles within easy reach, but also keep them from burning your child in hot weather. I have burned myself and nearly both kids during the summer with the buckles so this is HUGE. I’ve found that when the kids are comfortable in their car seats, I’m a better driver because I’m not distracted trying to calm them down. The cupholders fit every sippy cup we tried and are within reach even for our one year old. The seat comes with two cupholders, one on each side.Here are few of the car seat details up close.

Here are few of the car seat details up close.

The only things we didn’t love about the car seat were the weight and the difficulty we had switching the seat from rear to front facing. We wanted to try it out forward facing for the Bear because he is over the weight limit for rear facing and we got a little frustrated during the conversion. Most of that frustration would have been alleviated had we taken the time to read the manual. Once we did that we figured it out pretty quickly. The weight is similar to other convertible seats and hard to avoid with bigger car seats.

Plenty of room to grow while rear facing.
Plenty of room to grow while rear facing.

We love our new car seat and recommend it without hesitation. If you are expecting or looking for a car seat for a growing child, this seat is a great deal priced at $249.99 even with all the bells and whistles I described. You get a high quality seat from a reliable company that will last your child from birth all the way through their car seat years. This seat is truly the only car seat you’ll ever need.


You can read more about the product or purchase the Evenflo Symphony DLX Car Seat at Babies “R” Us here. I participated in this sponsored campaign on behalf of One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own.

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  1. That looks like a perfect carseat! We have been looking for a new carseat that can be used for awhile, I’ll check this one out!

  2. I don’t know that I have every seen a kid look so happy in a carseat. What a smile! I love the cup holder. That was something that I always felt was missing from my carseat.

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