playingoutdoorswithbaby If you follow me on Instagram, you know we love to play outside. We spend as much time as possible playing in our yard, at the park, and exploring our world. My kids ask to go outside immediately after breakfast if not sooner, and they both recognize the sound of the door opening and come running. Playing with a baby outside can be a challenge because there are dangers to avoid and they can’t do what their toddler friends are doing. I’m sharing five ideas for playing outdoors with a baby, all of which are super easy and simple. You can read about our discovery garden ideas here. watertablefun 1) Water Table This can be simple as a plastic tub on the ground filled with an inch or two of water, or an actual table like the one Jed built for our kids. Before Pearl Girl could stand we would put a tub or bowl of water in front of her and it would entertain her for so long. IMG_2639 2) Blanket Time This is probably our favorite with a baby. Grab a blanket, take it outside under a tree, lay down with your baby and enjoy. Bonus points if the blanket is pretty for photos. Your baby will love being outside and you can talk to her about the clouds and birds and trees and life. IMG_4202 3) Family Walk or Nature Hike One of our favorite things to do as a family is go on adventure hikes. We love to get our kids in to nature and let them experience life away from pavement. The Pearl Girl went on her first hike at one week old, and the Bear hiked the Continental Divide at 13 months old. You can go hiking with your whole family, baby included, and enjoy it. You can read more about hiking with a toddler here. We also love to take family walks around our neighborhood. It is a great way to get to know your neighbors and your area. We encourage the Bear to walk as much as he can, and he will usually do a mile or so before he wants to ride. sandboxfun 4) Sand Box This one can be as simple as a tub full of play sand or sensory dough, or you can build a cool in ground sand box. We found a sand turtle at a garage sale for $2 (just like the one I grew up with in the early 80s) and filled it with a few inches of play sand from Home Depot. The kids love it. They want to be in it all day. Be sure to supervise, as babies are eager to put sand in their mouths at first. Provide a few cups to scoop with and let them go for it. Embrace the mess. IMG_4324 5) Swing Time We love this so much we’ve installed baby swings in our front and back yard. Before we lived in a house with trees we had a swing hung on our front porch, and one inside from a rafter. If you don’t have a place for a swing, find a local park with good baby swings and make that the destination of your next family walk. As long as you are spending time outside with your kids, you can’t go wrong. Playing outside helps kids to connect to nature, and helps them to learn the joys of exploration and discovery. How do you play your baby or kids outside? Ultimate Guide to Baby’s First Year Follow Dayna :: Lemon Lime Adventures’s board Everything Baby on Pinterest. Ultimate Guide to Baby Activities ~ Lemon Lime Adventures 30+ Baby Safe Sensory Play Ideas – B-Inspired Mama Textured Sensory Play Mat – It’s a Long Story Mirror Play for Babies – Still Playing School Fun and Safe Sensory Bins for Babies – The Eyes of a Boy Jewelry Sensory Box – Trust Me, I’m a Mom Encouraging Sibling Play with One Awesome App – Lalymom Baby Play: Newborn Exercise – True Aim Education Combining Gross Motor & Art – Bambini Travel 20+ Motor Play Ideas for Baby – Pink Oatmeal Tummy Time Entertainment – Hand Made Kids Art Simple Activities for 6 – 12 Month Olds – Powerful Mothering Tummy Time: Why & How? – The Inspired Treehouse Baby Play: Rolling a Ball – Wildflower Ramblings How to Encourage Baby to Crawl– The Realistic Mama Natural Spring Treasure Basket for Baby – Natural Beach Living Montessori-Inspired Mini Discovery Boxes for Babies – Living Montessori Now 5 Fun Busy Boxes for Baby – Squiggles & Bubbles 14 Treasure Bins for Baby – Wildflower Ramblings 5 Ideas for Playing Outdoors with a Baby – Barefeet on the Dashboard Outdoor Play Ideas for 0 – 12 Months – Winegums & Watermelons 9 Tips for Painting with Infants – The Stay-at-Home-Mom Survival Guide Smart Art for Your Burgeoning Mini Monet – Conceiving Piper

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