After almost three years using cloth diapers on two children, I’ve learned a lot. We’ve tried 14 different kinds of cloth diapers and found our very favorites. You can read my post about what I learned the first two years here, and my great cloth diaper trials here. Read about our cloth laundry routine here. Our cloth diaper preferences and routines have evolved as we’ve adjusted to two kids, potty trained the Bear, and moved in to a new house. Today I’m sharing our favorite diapers, our simple laundry process, and my favorite things about cloth diapers.

Our Favorite Diapers: We have tried 14 different kinds of diapers, but we really love two. Bumgenius and Softbums are my absolute favorites. We use mostly Bumgenius Freetimes, 4.0s, and Softbums Echos and Omnis. They are easy to use, easy to find online or at my local cloth diaper shop, and well made. At night we use a Freetime stuffed with a prefold for the Pearl Girl and a Sweet Pea cover stuffed with several prefolds for the Bear. He is close to being potty trained during nap and night, but not quite there yet.

Our Laundry Routine: We now buy Country Save detergent in bulk through Amazon Prime and use it for all our laundry. We tried it because it is cloth diaper safe and much cheaper than many of the options out there. We love it. We have a top loading HE washer and do 1/4 scoop of Country Save for each load of cloth. We run one cycle on cold and one on hot, with and extra rinse. We machine dry the inserts during the winter, but line dry the diapers and shells all year round.  We use a diaper sprayer to rinse off the poop in the toilet and store our diapers in a plastic bin from Ikea with a lid.

My Favorite Things About Cloth Diapers: I love how much money we save. We use disposables when we travel and when we go to church or anywhere the kids are cared for by others, and typically use cheaper store brand diapers. Using cloth the rest of the time saves us a ton of money and it is easy. The process can be intimidating at first, but once you get started you get it figured out quickly. There is a ton of support online from other cloth diaper parents. I love that we are reducing our waste and the amount of stuff we send to the landfill. I love how cute our cloth diapers look on my babies.

If you are considering cloth, I want you to know that you can do it. It is worth it. You REALLY can do it.

Do you use cloth diapers? Why or why not?

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  1. Woohoo! Another big cloth diapering fan here! I’ve been at it for about as long – my oldest turns 4 1/2 soon, and his baby brother is now the one carrying the cloth (diaper) flag! We also use Country Save. One big box lasts forever! I love cloth because of how much we save, but also how kind they are to babies sensitive skin. My oldest especially has very sensitive skin and would inevitably break out in a rash if we had to use disposables for long periods of time. You are amazing to have tried so many kinds of diapers – what a great resource! Just went through and pinned a bunch of your posts!

    • It really is amazing how long the Country Save lasts. We are still using the big box from December!

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