Our family loves to spend the summer traveling, and this year we were blessed to spend a few days of our family vacation in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee at Hidden Mountain Resort. The family owned resort features luxury cabin rentals and villas, as well as a motor coach resort. Located in Sevierville, Tennessee, Hidden Mountain is close to all of the action in The Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Pigeon Forge, and Gatlinburg, but feels tucked away and secluded. We stayed at Hidden Mountain at no cost in exchange for this review, but all opinions are strictly my own. Read on to find out why we love cabin rentals for frugal family vacations, what we thought about Hidden Mountain Resort, and how you can win a trip of your own to the Smoky Mountains.


Our whole family fell in love with our little cabin – #4077 The Coffee House. The front porch was my favorite spot. The porch swing and rocking chairs were just perfect for sipping morning coffee or relaxing after the kids were in bed. Β Each cabin is nestled on the side of the mountain and feels like you are in a secret spot far from any stress, yet you are just a few minutes away from all the attractions of the Parkway and Great Smoky Mountains National Park.



Each cabin has a name that fits the decor. Our little Coffee House was thoughtfully decorated and so cute. We really were blown away by the whole place.



The covered porch was perfect for Jed’s bikes and provided a place to play and relax when it rained. We had a big storm come through during our stay, and sound of the rain on the metal roof was so soothing.


Don’t you want to sit and rock and sip a cup of coffee? Take me back…



The back of the cabin featured a screened in porch that felt like it was part of the forest. The kids loved the pool table and the adults loved the hot tub. There is nothing like a good soak after chasing energetic toddlers around all day. The cover strapped down for safety for the kids, and the porch was a perfect spot for breakfast and play. Even with all the fun stuff we did in the area, Bear kept asking to go back and play at “my coffee cabin”.



Our cabin was a two bedroom plus a sleeping loft, and could sleep 6-8. The Bear slept in this king sized bed upstairs, while the Pearl Girl was in a pack and play in the loft. It was so nice having a separate room for each kid, but it would also be fun to pack the cabin out with friends or family. Β The window seat upstairs had a great view and was the perfect place to curl up with a book.



The loft was bright and airy and featured a barn style window that opened over the living room.



Our master bedroom featured a king sized bed that was so comfy. Both bedrooms had whirlpool tubs that our kids were obsessed with. We definitely used them like kiddie pools when we needed an indoor activity.



How cute is this little stained glass window on the staircase?



The living room was spacious and opened to the kitchen and dining areas. There were flat screen tvs in each bedroom as well as the living room, but with all there was to do we never used them. I would love to come back in the fall and sit in front of the fireplace.



You are looking at the number 1 reason we love cabin rentals – the kitchen. We save so much money eating breakfast and lunch in the cabin, and it is just easier with little kids. We went out to dinner at the Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant down the road one night, and cooked in the cabin the other night. The kitchen was well equipped and open so the cook didn’t miss any family time.



We enjoyed lots of quality family time around the dining table, and saved quite a bit of money eating in the cabin.


The cabin was charmingly decorated and really just perfect for us. We also loved walking around the grounds of the resort. Hidden Mountain has a gorgeous pool and lodge, and the resort office is open 24/7. Every staff person we dealt with was kind and hospitable, and we definitely plan to go back. Jed and I talked about it at length, and the only negative we could come up with was that our stay wasn’t long enough.


Have you ever been to the Smoky Mountains? Where is your favorite or dream vacation destination in the U.S? Be sure to follow Hidden Mountain Resort on Facebook and Twitter to find out about specials and deals.



Would you like to win a Smoky Mountain Getaway from Hidden Mountain Resort for your family? Head over to this post and enter to win today. The giveaway starts at 12:01 am on July 21st and runs through August 21st. Thanks so much to the folks from Hidden Mountain Resort for their generosity.

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  1. I love the porch swings on the front porch that they have. I also seen your cabin has a little kitchenette. That is very important for me when I travel.

  2. This resort looks amazing! I’ve never stayed in a log cabin, but have always wanted to! My dad has always told us to take a trip to the Smoky Mountains…this resort makes me want to go now!

    • I have always wanted to stay in a cabin and this one looks amazing,love the porch area with the rockers,a great place to sit and enjoy coffee.

  3. I love all the cabins! They look so home-like & the decor is so inviting. I also love the seclusion and serenity of the locale.

  4. I love the coffee theme and a lot of the cabins and rooms are decorated the way that I like. There are so many different styles, I am sure everyone could find the perfect one for them. I love the Mountain Breeze cabin, that is where I would take my family.

  5. We did a cabin there after Christmas several years ago with my family as our gift to each other – loved it. Dream vacation?? How about vacations and almost anywhere… Breckenridge, Palm Springs, Ca, Yellowstone, Yosimite, Las Vegas, Miami, Chicago, … you get the idea. πŸ™‚

  6. This looks like such an amazing place. I have never been to Tennessee before. The cabin looks so inviting! I just love the look of the living room and the stained glass window. I think the bikes hanging on the wall is a really cute touch. I’ve never been on a vacation before but I’m hoping to rectify that soon. Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

  7. We love the Smoky Mountains. There is so much natural beauty and so many ways to entertain ourselves for free. It was one of our most memorable vacations, and we would love to go back!

  8. This cabin is so beautiful, I don’t think I would ever want to leave! The kitchen is gorgeous and so is the porch, I imagine the sound of the rain on the roof was so soothing.

  9. Wow. This looks so nice. I have been to Memphis, but not really explored the mountains in TN. This would be such great vacation for my family. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Such a beautiful cabin! It looks like home away from home. I like that they make it feel that way.

  11. Pigeon Forge is our favourite vacation place. We are always looking to find the perfect accommodations for our trip and this looks perfect! We are planning a small group getaway and I will certainly research this for our trip!

  12. What a beautiful place to relax and enjoy time with the family! Everyone could use a perfect getaway like that! I would love to take my little guy up to the mountains!!

  13. I love how much it really looks like a cabin inside. I love the style of cabins and want to build one some day when the kids are all gone.

  14. I came across the coffee house cabin when I was looking through the Hidden Mountain Resort site.
    This one is among my favorites, it has so much charm.
    You did a really good review and I like the pictures you added. As much as I already wanted to go, you made me want to even more!

  15. The Coffee House looks so beautiful. This would be my step dad because he is a coffee person. I love the bedrooms & pool table. Outside swings are great to. Awesome pictures!

  16. We always try to stay in cabins/cottages when traveling with our two young ones. Since moving to the US we haven’t tried it yet, but this place looks amazing. Definitely something to put on our “to do” list!

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  20. I love all the details in the Coffee cabin like the stained glass window and the red swing. My husband and I went to the Smokies for our honeymoon and it was so much fun! It looks like your family had a lot of fun too!

  21. I love that front porch. I agree that it is the perfect spot to have a cup of coffee in the morning and sit back and relax. The cabin looks so cute. I would certainly love this. I probably wouldn’t want to leave

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  24. I love the whole Coffee house. My dream has been to come to the Smoky Mountains and have a peaceful vacation. The front porch would get lots of use by husband and my self. We could set there and drink some coffee and relax. Everything is perfect except I don’t have the funds to be there!

  25. Every time I re-read, and look at the pics again, I want to go even more. Wow! So beautiful! Can’t wait to see it first hand!

  26. I want to go buy some thrift store chairs and paint them red right this second — that porch is killer! This place looks amazing, and I’m dying to get out of the city.

  27. I love this post! Awesome memories for you and what a gorgeous place to stay! I love this more than I love a 5 star hotel! So much warmer and real and fabulous memories that you will never forget! Thanks for sharing!

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  30. One of my best friends live in Sevierville, Tennessee. Everytime we visit, we talk about moving down there!! The rooms are gorgeous & have a very homey, comfy look & feel to them. I could sit on that porch ALL day & night – that’s what I call relaxing!! No traffic, sirens, air pollution, etc., privacy & a pool table – WOW!!!

  31. This place looks and sounds absolutely amazing and beautiful! And as gorgeous as your pictures are, I can only imagine it is 100 times more beautiful in person! I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at the Hidden Mountain Resort website and am thinking that one of those cozy little cabins would be the perfect place to celebrate our wedding anniversary! Thank you so much for the information! πŸ™‚

  32. Love the decor. I have been researching where we could stay on a vacation in this area. Love the idea of staying in a cabin or cottage. Thanks for sharing your family vacation with us.

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  36. This would be a great place to escape for the hustle and bustle of the city. What a fabulous retreat!

  37. This looks so cute. It’s awesome it fits so many, and it seems very cozy. Love the front porch swing.

  38. We truly love the mountains, and hope we will be able to come see this beautiful place first hand! It looks so beautiful.

  39. I love staying in a cabin. Its like camping with out all the hassle. It looks like amazing scenery too.

  40. We love staying in a cabin. The scenery looks amazing and inviting. I will definitely check into the cabin rental.

  41. Love the Blue Ridge Mountains in Georgia. Such a beautiful place! Thankful for cabins that highlight that beauty!

  42. I absolutely love the covered front porch. I’ve always wanted one that went around the house. Storms are one of my favorite things. I just love sitting out on a porch, watching a storm. It’s so peaceful to me. I just love the cabin you guys got!

  43. These are so charming and beautiful. I feel like if I were to stay in any of them, I would have a hard time leaving. They seem so comforting and truly give off that home away from home feeling. I also can’t help but feel like these would be terribly romantic spots for a honeymoon! I would love to relax in one of these with my husband.

  44. Reading this post makes me want to go back!! We loved our time in the Smokies a 2 years ago and I would love to stay in one of these cabins. The cabin we stayed in was nice, but these ones look like they have just a little more details that make them more homey…Love it!

  45. We travel to Gatlinburg 2 or 3 times a year. We have never stayed in a cabin but it’s on our list of things to do.

  46. OMGosh!!! Could it be more adorable and cozy?!?!? I want to be there right now relaxing. I have not heard of this place before either! Thanks so much for sharing!!! πŸ™‚

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  48. What a beautiful cabin that you got to stay in! I love that swing on the porch and the bedrooms look so comfortable too.The stained glass window is so pretty I would love to have one in my home.I have never stayed at a resort before but this one looks interesting.

  49. These cabins r beautiful. I am wanting to say I have stayed at these cabins before but not 100% sure, about 75% lol.. I love that they have such a selection of different sizes. Just about every family size can book a place. They r so clean and nice inside. i know my boys would love the game rooms and pool tables. I also love that some of the cabins have their private pools.. Thanks for the chance to stay here!!!

  50. You took some great pics! It looks like you all had a wonderful fam vaca! The porch is always my fav spot too. I do wish everyone good luck in this drawing BUT I do have my fingers & toes crossed on this one.


  52. These cabins look amazing. We’ve had some bad experiences at other cabins in Gatlinburg, so it’s nice to see an awesome review.

  53. I love how you can choose just how much privacy you want with each cabin. Some are located close to other cabins and some aren’t….some are exposed and others are hidden behind the trees. I feel the more secluded the cabins, the more romantic they are…it would definitely feel like an escape! πŸ™‚

  54. I am ready to go. I love cabins and this looks comfy cozy. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  55. This is my dream vacation and location. I love the Smokey Mountains …and the homes and cottages all look so perfect.

  56. what a beautiful cabin, all the rooms were so nice, and what a great kitchen. I would really love to stay there. I love the mountains.

  57. I am in such need of unplugging and relaxing in the woods. These cabins each are so adorable! Everyone could use a recharge in the mountains. Not just me. Your photos are so good! Really captures how quaint this place is !

  58. What a cute, rustic place to stay with all the modern amenities you need! Glad you enjoyed your stay. It’s nice to be among nature and get away from the constant use of technology. I bet the fall months would be really pretty here. Our family has talked about taking a vacation to the Smoky Mountains and this would be the ideal place for us to stay. Hoping to win the giveaway!

  59. I love the kitchen area. Such a great way to save money on a vacation. It looks like they keep everything very clean and tidy!

  60. It looks like you and your family had a wonderful stay there. It looks BEAUTIFUL. I have been to the smoky mountains but I have never stayed in a cabin there. Now I feel like I MUST to get the most out of being in such a great place! Thanks for sharing!! πŸ™‚

  61. I love how they decorated the cabin. My favorite is the stacked suit cases used for a stand. What a cute and clever idea!

  62. We LOVE going to the Smokys and my husband and I stay at Hidden Mountain when we go. We absolutely love their cabins and how they are close to everything we go to yet still private.

  63. This looks like such a wonderful time for a family vacation. I have stayed with Hidden Mountain in the past, and I agree, it would be nice to pack out a cabin with friends and family as well as have a quiet romantic weekend away with the husband!

    I would love to come in the fall as well to enjoy the true cozy feel of a mountain cottage.

    Thanks for sharing your pics!

  64. Love the covered porches!!! We have stayed at Hidden Mountain in the past and LOVED IT!!! Would love to go back again.

  65. I could see myself on that porch swing in the morning drinking my coffee and enjoying the view and the peace and quiet. Sure would love to win this. Thank you for the opportunity

  66. I would love to take my grandchildren up in the beautiful mountains.Kids need more of the great outdoors.

  67. No one wants it to rain on their vacation but.. a quick morning shower under that tin roof in that rocking chair . With a cuppa Joe in my hand sure would give me the kind of R&R I am in desperate need of. So glad your family had a wonderful trip.

  68. Such a precious cabin! I love it! We enjoy cabins for the kitchen as well. Saves money and it’s nice and cozy!

  69. WOW!! It looks like a wonderful place to stay and beautiful area. It seems to have alot to offer in the cabin and also entertainment too. My husband would love it so much there he wouldnt want to leave. That is his dream house to have a house that looks like a log cabin.

  70. The cabins look so homie, I could live in one of them everyday, I just love it, It has always been my dream to go to Dollywood, I am one of Dolly’s biggest fans. I would give anything to meet her in person. Been saving for a long time to go to Dollywood so winning wold be a dream come true.

  71. We have taken several trips to Smokey Mountains and always had a great time but never stayed in a cabin. Would love to try it.

  72. That cabin is gorgeous…I’d love the chance to stay there!!! We love to visit Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg and we’ve stayed with Hidden Mountain Resort in the past, but it’s been a long time.

  73. Hidden Mountain is our favorite place to stay in Pigeon Forge. We go every year for our anniversary. We love the peace and quiet. The cabins are always immaculate, and the staff is very pleasant. Can’t wait to go again this year!

  74. These cabins look so cozy & comfortable. Looks like a great place for ur family. Seem to have it all for ur family: pools, game rooms,& pool tables. What more could u want.. Thanks for sharing this place!!!

  75. Your family vacation looks like it was fun and lots of memories were made. The view of the mountains are peaceful and Dollywood is fun for the entire family!

  76. Love, Love, Love the Smoky Mts. It is the best vacation place in my opinion! I would love to stay with Hidden Mountain Resort the next chance we get to visit the Smoky mts! Thanks for all the info about the resort!

  77. Wow, I can’t believe your cabin had a hot tub and a pool table. So much fun without even having to leave. I’m sure great for rainy days!

  78. This cabin would be perfect for our family! Looks lovely! We love to visit Gatlinburg and would love to go this fall again!

  79. Honestly you could not want for anything more while on vacation. The view. The nature, the quaint cabin that is fully equipped, Dollywood rides & shows. Your loved ones with you laughing and building memories. I am in such need of this R&R. That porch swing is calling my name!

  80. My family and I visit the Sevierville/Pigeon Forge area every fall and we are always looking for different cabins to stay in during our visit. That cabin looks very nice and so do the other cabins they have to offer. We may have to check in to staying with that rental company during our next visit.

  81. I just finished reading your article on unit 4077, Coffee House, and viewed the photos you made during your stay. Thank you for writing such a wonderful article about Hidden Mountain Resorts. It is nice to see it from your perspective as a guest. I hope you will visit us again soon. God bless you and your family.
    Kay Green, Director Group Sales & Affiliate Real Estate Broker, Hidden Mountain Realty, LLC

  82. This place looks amazing! I would love sitting in the screened in porch! It would be so peaceful!!!

  83. Just the name “Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant” makes it sound delicious! How was it? You are right though, with little kids, it’s really nice to have a kitchen. And that kitchen looks so nice! Love the stainless steel.

  84. What a beautiful little cabin! I love the decor, it all looks so cozy. Sounds like a great place to stay! I’ve visited the Smoky Mountains once before, but it was about 15 years ago now. I’d love to go back!

  85. Looks like a nice cabin. The furnishings are nice and quaint. The decorations have a nice cabin touch. It looks like enough room for a family to enjoy. I love the Smoky Mountains and the Cabin vacations. We will have to try them out the next vacation there. Thanks for the review.

  86. Such beautiful scenery. The cabin looks so inviting. The porch , well it is my fav part. I am glad you were able to enjoy a short rain shower underneath the tin roof. I dont hope hard for many things but gosh I am guilty of hoping hard for this giveaway package. It would be heaven sent .

  87. These cabins and cottages are so spectacular it was hard to choose which one. I think it would probably take going there a couple of times to experience the full richness and bounty this place has to offer. Oh the fun that could be had at this place and the beauty is amazing.

  88. That’s wonderful that everyone at the resort was welcoming and friendly to you. The grounds look beautiful. I would love to see more pics!

  89. I really love that there is a pool – I’d be happy to just sit on the porch all day, but some of the folks I travel with would enjoy swimming! I too love how much money you can save by cooking your own meals so a full kitchen is a plus.

  90. My idea of getting away has always and will always be a cabin in the woods. I do like the comforts of home but want to have the scenery and calm that a mountain setting brings. It appears you had the perfect vacation.

  91. what a beautiful place to stay and vacation looks so peaceful and tranquil love the log cabins and the mountains

  92. I bet you got some wonderful pics on this vacation. These that you have posted are so pretty! I just love the mountains. The air is so fresh! The cabin you stayed in was so quaint. The stained glass really sets it all off.

  93. I would really love to see the The Great Smoky Mountain National Park,. There is so much in Tennessee that I want to see. I think from where I live, it’s about a 6 hour drive. I think that’s perfect. Not too far, not around the corner!

  94. I’ve been to the Smoky Mountains before, but we always stayed in hotels for budget reasons. These cabins look magnificent!

  95. Ya know we seldom spend much time exploring the grounds of the places we stay. It speaks volumes to the beauty of Hidden Mountain Resort for you to mention that your family enjoyed exploring there. You all really did have a wonderful trip. I wish it had been longer for you all too. 2 days is not enough time in such beauty. I hope we are able to go in the fall when the trees are at their peak of color…. ((Dreamy Sigh))

  96. Your photos are beautiful! I’m so envious–I would love to enjoy a stay Hidden Mountain Resort–it looks so tranquil πŸ˜‰

  97. This really looks like an amazing place to stay. I just love the little stain glass window. Everything is adorable. I would love to decorate theme cabins!

  98. When we go on vaca we also like a nice kitchen to cook in. It does save a good deal of money to eat our breakfast and a few dinners in . The kitchen in your cabin was perfect!

  99. What a wonderful vacation for you all..the house is so charming..love the red rockers..my kind of home!

  100. We’ve been trying to find a cabin in our own area and they are nothing like this…so much character! The farm kitchen is so awesome…that would remind me of home on our farm. and LOVE the rocking chairs on the classic porch. The dining room looks cozy to eat a meal or play cards or games as a family.. But the scenery…wow! I have been in the smoky mountains over 35 years ago and vowed to go back as we were going through and onto Florida with a friend’s family We did not get to stop and smell the roses, so to speak. We spent time driving and not stopping. Tennessee and Kentucky are the states I would choose to live in if I had a choice. Friendly, picturesque. Home.

  101. I would love to get to stay in these amazing cabins. They look like so much fun. Great time for the family!!

  102. Your beautiful quaint cabin clicked all my boxes. The porch, the kitchen, the stained glass and the fire place.. The scenery too. Perfect!

  103. The cabin looks amazing! We are a family of 8 so it can be hard to find accommodations for all of us when we visit Pigeon Forge. We will definitely have to check these out!

  104. I’ve always wanted a screened in porch. The mosquitos are so bad where I live. It’s come to the point where I can’t even go outside after about 6:30 pm. which has made for a bummer of a summer. I’m loving this cabin more and more. Every feature seems great!

  105. I can see my hubbie and I playing pool with a lit fire in the back ground. You little guy was enjoying that pool table ! Too cute@

  106. I commented on 8/6 but the comment never showed up. I contacted Akismet customer support and I think they were sending my comments to spam yesterday.

  107. I am so ready to go here. I just need to win this giveaway. What a relaxing vacation this would be.

  108. The cabins are so down-to-earth with a heavenly scenery!! I live in IL – nothing like that to see here :{
    They definitely are better than your average motel room. I would LOVE a vacation here!!!

  109. I’d really love to explore more of the The Great Smoky Mountain National Park. I also want to see every cabin they have! I bet there are some really fun ones!

  110. I love those little beds, i’d love to stay there just to see my daughter sleep in it! haha! i’m so glad your family had such a great experience!

  111. Each day I look at these pictures I am more ready to go. I would love to sit back, put my feet up and relax. I would also love to visit some of the many sites.

  112. The cabins must be a pretty nice size. The bed looks really comfortable. The fact that it can sleep 6 to 8 is impressive!

  113. Visiting this area is on my list! Love that cabin.. and it seems like there is so much to do in the area or just to be able to relax if needed!

  114. The little homey touches like the suitcases in the corner with the flowers perched on top. The stained glass. The welcoming front porch swing. Those are the extra things that make you feel comfortable while your staying away from home. I am dreaming of taking a weekend trip to a place just like this. Ohhh I need it so badly!

  115. I am all packed and ready to go. I have looked at these pictures so much I almost feel like this really is for me. Thank you for this giveaway

  116. A BIG plus is the location of the cabins. You close enough to everything that it is not a big commute . Makes it right handy . Less time traveling more time having fun.

  117. I stayed at a cabin in the Smoky Mountains with my family and my wonderful in laws, 3 years ago. It was super and felt like a once in a lifetime experience. I would love to return and learn more about Sevierville and all that the area has to offer. I’m not sure if it was Hidden Mountain Resort or not (my father in law took care of the arrangements), but the views and the stay were fabulous.

  118. Your cabin was adorable! I love the way it was decorated. My kids favorite part would be the pool table πŸ™‚

  119. If I would have been in that cabin, I think I would have spent the majority of the time curled up in the window seat with a cup of coffee and my kindle!

  120. I sure could use some time in that window seat looking out over the beautiful view. As well as sipping coffee on the porch swing . Aha I am dreaming of it !

  121. I really like the kitchen in this cabin. It is perfect for making family meals so we do not have to eat out all the time. I am looking forward to getting to Tennessee in October for the color change

  122. I love cabins. They are so warm and inviting. I have been to Gatlinburg twice and it is a magical place. So relaxing!

  123. Isn’t it wonderful when all you can think up that is negative is that the stay was not long enough. I really love how each cabin has a theme. I bet they are each as quaint as can be!

  124. I love these cabins! I would love to be able to stay in one of these nice cabins like you stayed in.I love the beautiful decorations,the porch swings and the rockers.

  125. I just love the front porch swing. I could sit there for hours and read and enjoy the sounds.

  126. I really like the nice wooded areas around the cabin. Maybe I will get to see some deer or maybe even a bear. I am so hoping to win. Thank you for this opportunity

  127. The more I research this place, the more I fall in love with it. If I don’t win, I may have to take a trip there anyway!

  128. I love how it’s decorated! The beds look so comfy and I can just picture my family snuggling on the sofa in front of the fireplace!

  129. Cabins are so wonderful for a get away. Where you can eat in if ya want to cook or order take out. Having a kitchen is so important to us we need a full sized coffee maker . Not those little things that come in most motel rooms. The way you talk about the loft in your cabin makes me think that is exactly where I would be bunking. Tucked away from everyone. That was really a roomy cabin if it could hold 6-8 !

  130. A cabin rental vacation was our kid’s favorite vacation ever…far outweighing Disney or beach vacays. We love the charm and the non pretense decor and just love to relax in a bedroom with a quilt or nature scene. This place looks like a place you’d want to come back to for years…that one place to make family memories.

  131. The cabin looks fabulous. It has so many amenities for everyone. The living room looks so comfy. Thanks for sharing the decorations throughout. It really shows how much time they take to make everyone feel good. The beds look so inviting. I love that the cabins have themes, The Coffee House looks great, makes you want to just move in and stay for a while. They have so many cabins to offer, I can’t imagine any of them disappointing anyone.

  132. I think it is adorable how little bear kept asking to go back to his coffee cabin. I do not blame him ! I want to go there too!

  133. We love to go to the Smokies and this would be a great place to stay. It would be great to come back and relax here after we go to Cade’s Cove that’s just beyond Gaitlinburg…so nice to see all the cabins and beautiful surroundings there.

  134. What a great place to stay! I love that it’s literally a home away from home, with all the comforts of having a kitchen, being able to lounge around, and being able to cook your own food. Great place to stay!

  135. This looks just like a home not your average little hotel or motel and it is beautiful. I would turn off every single device and leave the worrld behind and enkoy.

  136. Yes, I would LOVE to sip coffee on that front porch! This place looks like a perfect spot to take the family for a true family vacation. It screams quality family time to me! My family loves to visit the Smokies, we may have to check out the cabins here!

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