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This has been a summer of travel for our family. We’ve been away from home for 46 days so far since May, with a few more still to go. Our kiddos seem to be perpetually sticky and crumb covered, so messes are the norm in our daily life at home and on the road. One of our secrets for keeping the mess to a minimum is bringing Wet-Nap on the road with us. Today I’m sharing a few ways we love to use Wet-Nap on the road so you can make your road trip with kids less messy. Did I mention I also have a $.55 off coupon? Bonus! Read on for details.



We traveled 11 states and over 3000 miles this summer with our children (ages 1 and 3). They have made some crazy messes and we’ve gotten in to some seriously sticky situations. We thought it was a fabulous idea to hand the Bear (3) a small ice cream cone in his carseat. It was not. One Wet-Nap cleaned it up. I once handed my daughter a piece of a sandwich in her carseat only to discover she had used it as a toy. Peanut butter everywhere. Wet-Nap to the rescue. Besides cleaning up kid messes, there are lots of fabulous uses for Wet-Nap on the road. Here are our top five…


Our Top Five Practical Uses for Wet-Nap on the Road

1) Use it to wipe off sticky hands and messy faces in the car. Obviously, we used this one the most. I love that the Bear can pull out a Wet-Nap from the pop up container on his own and wipe his own hands and face. While Wet-Nap is made for use on people, it is also handy for wiping down carseats and clothes. I found that if I work on a fresh stain with a Wet-Nap immediately, it helped keep it from sinking in.


2) Clean off sand at the beach. Because Wet-Nap is now stronger, it can take on big messes like sandy kids. This tip would be handy for your backyard sandbox as well. Keep Wet-Nap in your beach bag and pull it out during snack time on the beach or for when sand gets in eyes, or to wipe off dropped sippy cups and water bottles.

3) Wash your own face when your short on time. Because Wet-Nap is now softer than before and moisturizes with aloe, it makes my face feel fresh and clean and helps take off make up at the end of a long day of travel. I did not pack my usual beauty regimen for our trip and used Wet-Nap instead.


4) Clean up an explosive diaper situation. While not primarily a baby wipe, regular Wet-Nap is gentle enough to use on kids. It can wipe down the bum, carseat, and messed up clothes in a matter of minutes. Crisis averted. I would not recommend the anti-bacterial variety for use on baby bums, but they are perfect for the other parts of this messy job. We use primarily the regular Wet-Nap in general and keep a pack in the console of our car.

5)  Wash hands and wipe surfaces before meals. Whether you are sharing a roadside picnic or stopping for a restaurant meal, you can use Wet-Nap to wipe down your own hands and your children’s and wipe off the table where they eat. The Pearl Girl (1) uses plates as projectiles, so we have to put her food directly on the table or face the consequences.


The best thing about all of our Wet-Nap road trip tips is that they translate to your home as well. Grab this $.55 off coupon to use at Walmart (while supplies last) which should take the price down under $1.50 when combined with their every day low prices.

What are your best road trip tips for messy situations?


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  1. Wow! Y’all are definitely road trip pros! I’m impressed! Those wipes certainly look like they have come in handy, too! Love your family pic, as well 🙂

  2. I think I will always keep wipes in my possession…even when the little one is old – I use them too. Have not heard of these, but will check them out !! Awesome photos you took!!

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