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I am the WORST when it comes to taking care of my skin. Years of sun bathing and a serious lack of face washing and skin care have taken a toll. I started using Rodan + Fields last year with the REDEFINE regimen, and fell in love with the anti-aging products. When I had the opportunity to try the REVERSE Regimen- geared toward repairing sun damage and anti-aging – I jumped at the chance. I’ve been using it for two weeks and will share how I feel about it so far with you today, a giveaway soon, as well as an update in one month. I have so much sun damage and really hope to see big results in the coming months as I bring you updates on this skin care review.


Putting photos of my face on the internet with no makeup and no filter is terrifying. Honestly, it is more humbling and scary than when I opened up about my depression or told my birth stories. Maybe that makes me shallow, but I’ve been self-conscious about my skin my entire life. As a child I developed Keratosis Pilaris, a condition that left me with bumps all over my jaw, arms, and thighs. My children both have it, and the Pearl Girl’s is so extreme that people often comment about it in public. Mine lessened after puberty, but now the years of sun bathing with no sunscreen have left their mark. Freckles, moles, age spots, random bumps, skin tags, and wrinkles all start to add up and have created very negative feelings about my skin. For a while I used the REDEFINE regimen and my skin felt good, the best it had in years. But then I had another baby, life got in the way, and skin care got shoved to the back burner. I know I’m not the only one who doesn’t take time to care for myself.

step 1 reverse regimen wash

No more, my friends. I started using the REVERSE regimen two weeks ago, after getting the free consultation on my friend Debbie’s Rodan + Fields site. It takes about 1 minute and will tell you what products you should be using with your skin care concerns.

rodan + fields reverse regimen step 2 toner

I was initially worried about using the regimen because I have very sensitive skin. I’m happy to share I have had no adverse reactions, and my skin feels so good. The doctors of Rodan + Fields recommend you ease in to it, starting with every other day and slowly working towards twice a day. I’m now using it one time daily and feel like I can already see a difference.

reverse regimen step 3

One of my favorite things about Rodan + Fields products is that the products are clearly labeled with their uses, directions, and warnings. I’ve used plenty of expensive department store beauty products that came with no clear instructions and I felt like such a dummy trying to figure out how often and when it should be used. Not so with R+F regimens. Each step is clearly explained and labeled for foolproof use.

reverse regimen

The REVERSE regimen starts with a deep exfoliating wash that has already made my skin feel smoother and healthier. The next step is a brightening toner that feels great and doesn’t dry out my already super dry skin. Step 3 is the dual power punch of the vitamin C and retinol complex. It feels amazing and I can’t wait to see the results after another month. Step 4 is a non greasy, light weight SPF 50 sunscreen that doubles as a moisturizer. It feels great under makeup or alone if it isn’t a makeup kind of day. The whole process takes about 5-10 minutes and is totally worth it.

reverse step 4 spf 50 sunscreen

What I love about the REVERSE Regimen: smells good, feels good, is working to improve my skin, better deal than department store products, personal service from my R+F consultant, quality products that work

What I don’t love: cannot purchase in a store, pricier than drug store products

Overall, I highly recommend Rodan + Fields products, and suggest you use the free solution tool to find out which regimen would be perfect for you. Though the products are more expensive than drug store brands, they are much more effective. If you become a preferred customer (one time $20 fee) you get free shipping forever and a 10% discount on all purchases. It pays for itself after your 2nd purchase. You can read my full review of the REDEFINE line here, and about some of their great lip products here.

no makeup selfie rodan + fields skin care

One of my favorite things about recommending R+F is that it helps support female entrepreneurs, many of whom are work at home mamas. My sister and several of my dear friends (including Debbie B. who is sponsoring this post) make a great income from working a few hours a week from home for Rodan + Fields. If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant, shoot Debbie an email at R+F will soon be expanding to Canada and they are searching for Canadians who want to be on the forefront of the big push. Please contact Debbie if you would like to hear more.

rodan+fields reverse regimenWhat is your biggest skin care concern? I’ve partnered with Debbie for a BIG Rodan + Fields giveaway. Click here to enter. Be sure to follow Debbie on Pinterest for skin care tips and great product recommendations.

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  1. I am one of those gals who has neglected her skin all hr life, and am now paying the price, it seems. thanks for the info—definitely worth a try.

  2. This sounds like a really good company, i would like to try there products, i used there online tool and seemed to be true, thank you for your review and info it is great. thank you again.

  3. this sounds like a great skin care regimen, and sounds like something I can use for my own uneven toned, aging skin.

  4. I am also guilty of being lax in my skin care. I suffered from acne during puberty and have acne scars(my daughter calls them “holey thingies”). I also have blackheads on my nose which I have been unsuccessful in removing. Also, thanks to my dad, both my brother and I have skin tags.

  5. Did you ever post an update on your review of this product? Honestly did it do what it promised? All reviews seem to be from consultants.

  6. I would love to try this product but it’s so pricey. Is there a good place to purchase starter kit before I make a big investment.

    • I have a question? I’m using the Reverse do I use step 4 only when I’m in the sun or do i use it morning n night regardless of the sun

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