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Is there a precious wee one in your life who would to receive love a snuggly friend as a holiday gift? Our Pearl Girl got her first handmade swaddle doll from Designs by MSusan last year for Christmas, and she still snuggles her daily. This year we are reviewing a super cute set of blonde baby dolls just made for playing. Read on to find out what we thought about our set of Snuggly Swaddle Dolls.

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playing with handmade dolls Designs by MSusan

Our sweet Pearl Girl is 18 months old and LOVES babies. She will be getting a doll stroller and bassinet for Christmas, so I needed some sweet little babies to go in them. She got a preview of her dolls and they were a huge hit. She snuggled them, carried them around, babbled to them, and generally loved on them for the whole day. Then this mean mommy blogger hid them away until Christmas. #bloggerkidproblems This set of dolls could be used to play mama/baby or big sister/little sister. The set would be a perfect gift for a soon to be big sister or brother this holiday season. The mini doll is the perfect size to take out and about, and both are just made to fit little hands and be loved.

snuggly swaddle dolls for toddlers designs by msusan

PG got this swaddle doll for Christmas last year and still plays with her daily and sleeps with her at night and nap most days. It was her very first doll and I love it is still in great shape after a year of toddler play. She was 8 months old last Christmas, so I can personally recommend these dolls for that age and up.

swaddle dolls perfect for toddlers Designs by MSusan

The dolls are machine washable and have no loose parts to come off and pose a danger. Their sweet faces are ready to be kissed and their bodies are firm but soft enough to snuggle. They are made with the highest quality materials and are safe for babies and kids.

designs by msusan sweet snuggly swaddle dolls

Why choose a handmade doll? I love supporting artisans of the handmade world, and I love giving my kids toys that will last. I still have the handmade doll my sweet grandmother had made for me almost 30 years ago, and she is still in perfect condition. My hope is that PG will love these precious dolls for years and then keep them for her babies. I just got weepy typing that sentence.

handmade dolls for toddlers Designs by MSusan


These handmade dolls are a bargain ranging from $16 for a mini to $34 for the sibling set we reviewed. Choose from the wide array of dolls Designs by MSusan has to offer ready to ship, or have one custom made for your favorite child. Be sure to follow the shop on Facebook here to find out about discounts and new products.

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  1. I love that you still have a doll your grandmother gave to you! I love handmade gifts items & supporting local artisans too! Doll is super cute and love that there are no parts that can fall off and pose as a danger to my child!

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