Read and Play Read The Biggest Valentine Ever and Create a Giant Valentine

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we read “The Biggest Valentine Ever” this week and worked together to create a giant Valentine, just like in the book. The idea behind our Read and Play series is to take a fun book for kids and encourage further learning through play. Check out our past Read & Play ideas here and find great Valentine’s Day Read & Play activities from other Kid Blogger Network bloggers here. Read on to find out how we used the ideas from the book for a fun and easy art activity with my toddler and preschooler.

Creating the biggest valentine everAfter reading The Biggest Valentine Ever together a few times, I asked the kids if they wanted to work together like the mice in the story to make a giant valentine. They were excited, so I rolled out paper from our butcher paper roll and taped the back of it together with packing tape. I cut out a giant heart, got out the markers, crayons, and stickers, and let them go for it.

Working together to make the biggest valentine ever

The message of the book is a sweet one for us, because my kids often have trouble working together, but always have fun when they manage to get over the crayon arguments and play as a team. They decided they want the giant valentine to be for their daddy, so we’ll keep working on it as the holiday gets closer. The Bear is working on his letters, so I’m hoping he can write a message on it with my help. I’m sure my husband’s classes will think it is hilarious when he displays a giant valentine from his kids (he is a high school geography teacher).

Painting the biggest valentine ever

We were blessed with great weather this week, so we took our giant valentine outside and painted it. This was a HUGE hit. These kids of mine love to paint. Creating our giant valentine heart together really brought the book to life for my kids. Be sure to visit the Valentine Read & Play Series page here to find more fun ideas, and check out the Read & Play Pinterest board below.

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