Preschool Read and Play with the Jesus Storybook Bible The Giant Staircase to Heaven and a Block Building ActivityWe love to combine our favorite books with fun activities to enhance learning through play in our home preschool. One of our favorite books is The Jesus Storybook Bible. I’ve shared before how we use it in my post Simple Ways to Bring Jesus in to Your Child’s Daily Life. Today I’m joining in with a group of great Kid Blogger Network folks for The Jesus Storybook Bible Hands On Activities Series. Visit the main page over at My Mundane and Miraculous Life to find activities to go with every story in the book. Read on to find out how we used a block building activity with the story The Giant Staircase to Heaven: The Tower of Babel.

Reading about the Tower of Babel in the Jesus Storybook Bible

We tried to read from The Jesus Storybook Bible daily, and the kids really love it. On this day we read the story “The Giant Staircase to Heaven” about the Tower of Babel. We talked about how the people built a big tower to try and get to God and be bigger than God. We talked about how we can’t ever build our way to God, but that He reaches out to us through His son Jesus. We don’t have to do anything to get to Him because He came to us. We get to have a relationship with God through Jesus.

Jesus Storybook Bible Activity - Tower of BabelNext we gathered all of our block sets from all over the house, and set out to build the biggest tower we could. The kids built several versions, and then wanted to read the story again.

Learning about God reaching out to us in the Jesus Storybook BibleI love how every story in the bible and in the Jesus Storybook Bible points back to Jesus as the hero of the story. The wording is perfect for kids, but I get something out of it every time we read it as well.

Learning about the Tower of Babel through the Jesus Storybook Bible


How do you bring the Bible to life for your kids?
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