Why Should I Spend Money on Essential Oils The Skeptic's Guide to Essential OilsWhy did I spend money on essential oils? If you follow me on Facebook you’ll know that I’ve been asking lots of questions about essential oils, and after months of research finally decided to buy in a few weeks ago. Quality essential oils aren’t cheap, and we are on a tight budget. It took quite a while for me to decide to take the plunge, so today I’m sharing why I decided to spend money on essential oils. I’m joining with my fellow Oil Explorers as part of the Skeptic’s Guide to Essential Oils series. Each of us is tackling a different topic that we’ve wrestled with in a very real, raw series perfect for those of us who are intrigued but still a little skeptical about this whole oil craze.

I researched essential oils for months. MONTHS. After all that time, I saw the meme below and laughed out loud at myself because TRUTH. I mean, really. I am her. Anyone else?


Three Bs are what finally tipped me over the edge – benefits, background, and business. Let me explain.

The Skeptic's Guide to Essential Oils Why Should I Spend Money on Essential OilsBENEFITS – Obviously, what most people think of when they are considering oils are the wellness benefits. I’d heard countless testimonies from trusted friends about how their children were sleeping easier and were calmer, they breathed easier, skin conditions were relieved, behavioral differences were seen in the entire family, etc. I read a lot of the scientific research out there – and there is a ton. Most of it says that oils can be really helpful and aren’t ever harmful unless used in a grossly negligent way. Can that be said about most western medicine? Nope. Listen to the end of pharmaceutical commercial for the side effects listing and you’ll have your answer. Why wouldn’t I want to fit something so potentially beneficial in to our family budget? We ordered the premium starter kit and are already using it.

new embrace wellnessBACKGROUND – Oils are hot right now, so there are a million different companies out there. I chose Young Living because of the Seed to Seal Quality Commitment. Only Young Living controls the entire oil producing process from seed to sealed bottle. Many competitors buy from oil brokers without any quality control. Yikes. The historical background behind oils fascinates me as well. Oils are used throughout the bible and their use is documented throughout history. They are even used for healing in my favorite guilty pleasure book series – Outlander (nerd alert). Any other fans out there want to build their medicine chest like Claire? Just me? Ok, moving on. Oils have been used with great success for thousands of years, and that makes them worth purchasing in my opinion.

BUSINESS – Not only did I order a starter kit, but I also drank the koolaid and signed up as a distributor. Why? Well, the discount is GREAT and the opportunity to make a side income is even greater. My husband is a teacher, and I work part time from home for a non-profit and running this site. We need all the side income we can get. Many of my friends in the blogging world have banded together to create an essential oil team like no other, and I couldn’t say no to the business opportunity. I’ve avoided MLM and direct sales my entire life, but this was too good to pass up. We work together and pool resources to support each other, and learn from the experience of others. We have several Facebook groups members can join to get support and education, as well as expand their own businesses. If you join our team, you not only get access to the Oil Explorers group, but also to the Oil Nation, Oiltastic, and Oily Families. If making a side income while promoting wellness in your home sounds great to you, feel free to contact me with questions at barefeetonthedashboard@gmail.com. If the business side doesn’t appeal to you, you can still join as a wholesale member to get the discount at no extra cost and with no obligation to sell. No strings attached.

There you have it, the reasons why I decided to spend money on essential oils. Our team is working together to answer all of your questions in the Skeptic’s Guide to Essential Oils at our team’s site The Oil Explorers. Be sure to visit to get more answers. What questions do you have about essential oils?

The Skeptics Guide to Essential Oils

Are you interested in trying essential oils with me? We have a special deal going right now for the premium starter kit. The kit costs $160, but you get $300 worth of oils, equipment, and educational resources. When you order a premium starter kit, we will send you the resources to learn about your oils. Click here to find our current essential oil deal.


6 Comments on Why Should I Spend Money on Essential Oils?

  1. I really haven’t jumped into the world of essential oils. I don’t really know where to start! Everyone seems to recommend lavender for newbies like me.

    • Lavender is the best! The reason I went for the premium starter kit deal was so I could get all of the educational resources. Anyone who signs up under me gets the same deal to help you get started.

  2. I love Peppermint! I like how it helps my headaches. I love to mist my sheets with Lavendar and apply to the bottoms of my feet at bed time. 🙂

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