Tracking PixelAfter almost 4 years of parenthood, we’ve come to know exactly what products we love and don’t love. When I had the sponsored opportunity to share the Graco® Pack ‘n Play® Playard Portable Napper & Changer™ with y’all I knew I had to. Why? Because our  Pack ‘n Play® is the #1 baby product we’ve used with our kids, and will continue to use.
The One Baby Product We Use the Most #AtHomewithGraco Playard

We’ve used it with both kids from birth through toddlerhood, and are still using it with our daughter (almost 2). It is so practical, functional, and affordable for use on the go and at home. Find out more about why we love it and all the great features below. Bonus: We’re hosting a Graco® giveaway here valued at $105!

The One Baby Product We Use the Most #AtHomewithGraco

The kids and I attended a super fun #AtHomewithGraco party/play date with local blogger friends. The mamas got to see the latest Graco® innovations and try out the Graco® Pack ‘n Play® Playard Portable Napper & Changer™ while the kids played and snacked.

#AtHomewithGraco Party Favors

All of our mini bloggers were way too occupied playing to worry about us. Other people’s toys are the best, am I right?!

Kids playing at the Graco Party #AtHomewithGraco

A sweet 2 week old baby of one of the bloggers tried out the napper portion of the Graco® Pack ‘n Play® Playard Portable Napper & Changer™ and fell instantly asleep. That sweet little squish slept straight through the demonstration.

Learning about new Graco Products #AtHomewithGraco

I love the flexibility of this product. The removable napper and changer flips over to shift from a comfy nap spot to an easily wiped down diaper changing surface in about 3 seconds. The napper has a slight angle, perfect for babies with reflux.

Napper and Changer in action #AtHomewithGraco

One of our favorite features of the Graco® Pack ‘n Play® Playard Portable Napper & Changer™ is the bassinet. We used this for the first few months with each child. They slept in the bassinet level next to our bed, easily within reach. It was so nice not having to bend all the way over postpartum and have my sweet ones right next to me.

Bassinet Keeps Baby Close #AtHomewithGraco

We trust Graco® products because they’ve been making quality baby and kid gear for over 60 years, and we’ve fallen in love with their products we use every day. They are constantly on the cusp of innovation and are creating the best quality and most helpful products including car seats, strollers, travel systems, swings, highchairs, playards and nursery care essentials.

Testing out the new Graco Pack n Play #AtHomewithGraco

We’ve traveled with our kids an average of three months every year of their lives. Our number one baby product for travel? Still the Graco® Pack ‘n Play® Playard. The set up is so easy and the product is perfect for sleeping babies and toddlers, or containing kids in a hotel room. We don’t ever travel without it.

The One Baby Product We Use the Most #AtHomewithGraco

What is the one baby product your family uses the most? We’re giving away another incredible Graco product in our BIG Graco Giveaway RIGHT NOW. Enter to win the Graco® Simple Sway™ Swing and an organic onesie for your here valued at $105. The giveaway ends 3/17/15.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Graco®.



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  1. Although I am out of this stage with my kids, my cousin is just beginning. We had many Graco products ourselves with the kids and were never disappointed. This is awesome, I’ll cross my fingers I can win for her new baby on the way.

  2. LOL you are so right with others toys being the best as far as the kids are concerned lol. I love the new swing they have some out with and we also have used the pack and play the most!

  3. Love how Graco just continues to improve on the wonderful Pack N Play. The Pack N Play really is useful for everyone.

  4. This is definitely a product I would use alot too!!! Seems it would also last along time having the bassinet for a newborn and a playpen to keep those curious toddlers safe while you cook or clean. I am a huge Greco fan and this Playyard is a great example for the quality products they make. Thanks for the review!

  5. I love the bassinet feature of this product! It’s so nice to buy a product that has multiple uses and will last through multiple stages of baby’s first few years. I had already added this to our registry before seeing this review! I hope someone gets it for us 🙂

  6. Because we’re on the go a lot, we use the Graco pack ‘n play all the time. It is perfect when we’re staying over at relatives houses or traveling on vacation/business.

  7. I love graco products so much! We loved our pack and play (we had one just like this) and would absolutely love the swing 🙂 Our swing was ruined in storage this season 🙁 so sad!

  8. i absolutely love graco products and make it a point to get their items if its available in my budget, with that said its not in our budget to get the best that i want so winning would be beyond a blessing. we had a pack n play for our first and travel system as well as highchair etc. LOVE their products.

  9. Love seeing that little newborn all snuggly in a pack n play. Planning to use one to make things easier in a 2 story house (pack n play downstairs for naps/changes, nursery upstairs).

  10. I love how Graco has continued to improve their products over the years. I used Graco products with all 3 of my children who are all older now. My oldest daughter is expecting her first child this summer and I can’t wait for her to continue the tradition. Graco has some really neat products such as the Graco® Pack ‘n Play® Playard Portable Napper & Changer which I am sure she will want one for herself and so will I for Mimi’s house!

  11. this is one of the best baby products that i have ever seen and would love to try it if i won. i like the swing feature which is nice and the whole product is great.

  12. This product seems fantastic! living in an apartment I am really thinking of looking into using this with the new baby instead of a crib until we move! Space saver and seems really handy!! Thanks for the swing giveaway too!

  13. I am a little confused: which product exactly is it you use the most: since this is a picture of someone else’s baby in a bassinet in a bassinet. I don’t think it is safe to do that and I can’t see how Graco recomends such usage.

    The swing that is being given away certainly appeals to me more since my baby loves to be rocked to sleep.

    • Hey Christine! If you read the post you would see that the Pack n Play is the baby product we use the most. My kids are too old for the bassinet or newborn napper, but my daughter still sleeps on the lower level of the playard quite often. This newest version of the pack-n-play comes with the bassinet and newborn napper and is completely safe and secure when assembled correctly. The newborn napper is made specifically for this pack-n-play, and Graco products go through rigorous safety testing.

  14. We had a really nice Graco play pen for our first born. We lent it to my sister but said we wanted it back when her boy was too big, if we had more kids. Well they broke it and didnt tell us. They bought a new one and didnt pass that one on to us even though they had no more babies and we had 3. UGH

  15. Thank you! There are so many options available for pack and plays and this one looks great! I think it will be the one we add to our registry!

  16. What an awesome product – practical, functional, and affordable – but I would expect nothing less from awesome Graco! One of these would sure come in handy!

  17. I love my Pack & Play and agree with you that it’s one baby item used more frequently than anything else. The one I have has a bassinet, but I like how this new one has the baby at a slight incline to help with reflux. I also love the diaper hanger on the side! I wish mine had that!

  18. This is packed with so many great features! They really thought of everything! Definitely a great baby item to have for home and for travel.

  19. oddly enough I have a pack n play but it doesn’t have the bassinet, I wouldn’t have known to buy that separately. btw way those babies are just SO cute!!

  20. I would like to win the pack-n-play with the bassinet for my great grandbaby! I used Graco products with my grandchildren, and I know Graco has continued to improve their products.

  21. We have always bought Graco products because of the price and reliability of their products. this looks like it would be great for the parents and the baby.

  22. I have used lots of Graco products over the years my oldest is 28. I love the napper that comes with the new pack n play.

  23. I would love to try the swing! I am due in June with another little one! Last time our biggest save me item was the Rock n Play! It helped out so much! And of course our pack n play 🙂

  24. We used our pack n play so much with my daughter. We are looking for a new pack n play for baby #2 since I wasn’t happy with ours. I really like this one and will look into this one.

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