Making Clean Mud Bubble Dough with Kids - The Easiest Sensory Dough  Ever

We love to play outside, but sometimes need fresh ideas to get the kids engaged. They’ve been really in to bubbles lately, so after making a DIY bubble solution with dish soap and water I was inspired to try a new twist on clean mud dough. Play dough of all kinds is so much fun and give kids a great sensory experience, but making it yourself can be a challenge. This recipe for clean mud bubble dough is pretty much the easiest sensory dough ever and creates clean bubbly fun for your kids. It takes only 3 ingredients and about 5 minutes, plus the clean up is super simple as well. Ready to have some bubble dough fun?

Make Clean Mud Bubble Dough with Your Kids - The Easiest Sensory Dough Ever


  • one roll of toilet paper
  • 1/4 cup blue liquid dish soap
  • water


  • Find a tub or bucket to create your clean mud. I use our DIY water table for sensory play.
  • Shred the roll of toilet paper in the tub. Let the kids get really in to it. Let’s face it, this is my toddler’s favorite hobby anyway. The girl destroys toilet paper rolls like it is her job. She couldn’t believe I was telling her to go for it.
  • Pour the dish soap over the toilet paper.
  • Pour water over the toilet paper and soap until it is almost covered. Invite your kids to swirl the toilet paper and soap together with the water and explore the bubbly dough that it creates. Get in there yourself and enjoy squishing and splashing. It really feels fun.

Blowing Bubbles with Clean Mud Bubble Dough

Dip a bubble wand or cookie cutter in the bubble dough and then blow bubbles. More bubbles will appear as your kids play. My daughter kept yelling “Bubbles, bubbles!” the whole time she played.

This dough does not hold well like our chocolate sensory dough or snow dough recipes, so when it was time to clean up we just flushed it down the toilet and rinsed out the tub. Soap, water, and toilet paper make for easy clean up.

Clean Mud Bubble Dough is So Much Fun

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