Three Tips and Tools to Simplify Family TravelWe love to travel as a family, but getting to our destination with small children in tow can be a serious hassle. Today we are sharing three of our favorite tips and tools to help you simplify family travel this summer. As we do every summer, we are planning a big family trip and the air travel portion seems so daunting. That’s why I was so thrilled to find out about the service CLEAR offers and add it to my #ToolsforTravel, and share it with my readers as well. With our CLEAR membership, we will breeze through the airport with no hassle. Best of all, CLEAR is offering a FREE two month membership for all of my readers! Click here to get it and use the code CLEAR2M2.

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  1. Use CLEAR to skip the airport line with your whole family. CLEAR is a membership-based service that allows travelers to get through airport security faster. A CLEAR membership costs $179 annually, or about $15 a month. You can add a spouse to your account for $50 and kids under 18 are FREE if they are traveling with a CLEAR member. Find out more about CLEAR service here. CLEAR is now open in 11 major airports with more opening very soon. The service is also expanding in to select Major League Baseball Parks this summer. To enroll in CLEAR, you must present either an US Passport or US issued Permanent Resident/Alien Registration Card PLUS an approved secondary ID (State Issued ID, Drivers License, Military ID, or Foreign Passport). All IDs must be valid, unamended, and unexpired. You must be at least 18 years old. Find out more about how to become a member here.
  2. Trim down your packing list. I am the worst overpacker out there, and traveling with kids makes me want to bring ALL THE THINGS. What I’ve discovered over the past few summers of travel is that most of the stuff we bring just ends up taking up space and complicating our travel. We don’t each need 3 outfit and shoe choices per day. We don’t need 50,000 toys to entertain the kids. This year I am pledging to trim down our packing list and keep it simple.
  3. Take breaks and don’t over schedule. This is my number one tip for traveling with kids. We’ve taken major trips over the past few years, traveling for 8-10 weeks with our little ones. During each leg of the trip we are careful to make time for play breaks, run around time, and naps for the kids. We might get there a little slower and might not fit in everything we would without kids, but we have a great time getting there and enjoy our destination as a family without the kids melting down.

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If your summer plans involve air travel, be sure to take advantage of the FREE two month CLEAR trial membership for all of my readers. Click here to get it and use the code CLEAR2M2. How do you simplify family travel?

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