fisher in the wildflowersMy wild and crazy first born turned four recently. He is such joy and stubbornness and sweetness and strength all wrapped up in a burly bear of a boy. He goes hard all the time until he crashes and sleeps. His energy level is full tilt and he loves life, people, sharks, and everything else.  He will great you with a hug, tell you about his shark tooth collection, and might ask you about your favorite dinosaur. He truly brings joy wherever he goes.

He loves to explore the world around him, and wants to learn about everything he sees. He loves to visit the library and pick out new books and movies to enjoy. He loves animals and will tell you all about them. He has an imaginary friend named Record who goes on all sorts of adventures.  I asked him a few questions about himself to take a snapshot of who he is at this moment. Please note that we just attended his friend Grant’s birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese in which he received a toy rocket to shoot, which may have influenced some of his answers.

Fisher at Four:

  • Favorite Food: toast
  • Favorite Color: red
  • Favorite Animal: shark
  • Favorite Show: Curious George
  • Favorite Book: all shark books
  • Favorite Movie: Peter Pan
  • Best Friend: Grant
  • Favorite Place: Chuck E. Cheese
  • Favorite Activity: shoot rockets

Fisher, you are the most precious gift and I’m so thankful you made me a mommy.


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